I shy away from politics. I vote, and I pay attention, but I avoid the battles in fighting with people. I believe fighting about politics or religion is a waste of time. Fighting doesn’t change your opposition’s view, but it does waste minutes of your life.

This election is very important and difficult. It is tough to make a decision with all the noise the media has given us to listen to. The media makes us think that unimportant things are important, and if we vote based on unimportant thing, then mistakes are made. That is why I am sharing this article written by Andy Andrews. He has a reputation for being a common sense writer, and carefully lays out what people should consider when voting. It has nothing to do with Her emails or His remarks or conversations – all unimportant stuff when it comes to the power they will have. It is a long article, but I hope you read it, because it isn’t filled with the noise of our media. Please click the link below.

Election FACTS 2016