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Why Am I Here?


I just read a great essay by Jonathan Sacks regarding how to defeat religious violence. It is a great essay.

The essay discusses the role religion plays in wars and conflict, why religion should not play a role, and what would need to happen for it to stop. Moreover, it also touches on how advances in technology, the free market, and the democratic state enable us to make great achievements, but they do not help answer the 3 basic questions of a reflective individual:

1. Who am I?
2. Why am I here?
3. How then shall I live?

Can you answer these three questions? I am almost 40 years old, and I think I could answer two of the questions, but the second one has me most stumped and always has. I have always believed every individual has a specific role in his or her life. I believe that until that role is realized/fulfilled we have more protection than after our role is completed. I have had several instances in my life that could have ended my life early. The most noticeable was when I was 19, I fell 18 feet off of a ladder, and landed on my head and neck first on a commercial concrete floor. The accident should have killed me, or at least given me injuries that would have dramatically altered how I could live. Instead I recovered fairly quickly with limited problems, and I live a normal life. I figured my purpose had yet to be fulfilled and so I was spared/protected. As much as I want to know my purpose, it is because of my belief/theory, that I have never been in a real hurry to find out. Fear plays a funny role in my life I guess.

I do not like the hatred and violence social media helps to spread, and it has made me resent social media far more than I appreciate it. The political BS is exhausting and provides no benefit to my life, but blocking it all has been impossible. It is tough to find posts about love, peace and community when it is often buried by the negativity that seems to take precedence in what people choose to share. The only role any of us can play to change social media’s purpose is to share what we would like to read, or what we would appreciate someone saying about us.

The essay is fascinating and that is why I am posting a link here . Jonathan Sacks offered clear writing about religion without the “I’m right and you are wrong” mentality that too often litters the teachings of faith, and allows wars to be fought in the name of it. Even if some disagree with his interpretations of religions – the overall picture is tough to deny. It was originally posted in the Wall Street Journal, but I am not a paid subscriber so I couldn’t read it. Luckily, after some digging, I found where is was posted without needing a subscription.

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The morning after…


“To test a man’s character, give him power” is a quote ringing in many of our hearts. The election of 2016 was a difficult one for me. The candidates challenged what I believed before, what I believe today, and what I should believe tomorrow. Watching Trump’s victory speech and Hillary’s concession speech challenged me yet again. Why couldn’t they have talked to us that way during the campaign? What a crazy 24 hours.

I know many of us stood strongly against one or both candidates throughout this election, and the debates only cemented the nastiness of their campaigns. I couldn’t watch the debates. I watched 10 minutes of the first debate and turned it off. I felt like I was watching two crass toddlers fighting, and it wasn’t valuable to my time. During the other debates I watched Twitter briefly and knew I wasn’t missing anything by tuning out. Today Twitter taught me the same. So much hatred is written by people on social media sites. The commercials and campaigns are over – let’s end the hatred too.

I understand the sentiments of #notmypresident. I understand because I never voted for Obama and I remember thinking that very thing the second time he was elected. I felt he divided more than he brought people together, and I did not see his policies working for mine or my children’s future. He was elected twice so obviously I am the minority in my thinking. At the same time, the world went the opposite direction yesterday. Not only with who they elected for president, but for the seats in the house and senate as well. It made me laugh.

Many Americans were tired of George Bush after 8 years, and his approval rating was super low in the end. In response to this sentiment Americans did the same thing when Obama was elected. Not only was a democrat elected, but power was added to the democratic hold in the house and senate – but then power in the house and senate changed after 4 years as many were getting restless with Washington DC. Now we are 8 years later, and we are once again changing direction to the extreme again. Although the power is newer for the Republicans -they have not held this kind of power in many years. This brings me to the first sentence of this article: To test a man’s character, give him power.

Power is a deceiving feeling. Many people in power over-play their hand, and ignorance and ego take over any positives that could have been possible. Power often fails to unite people. I fear this happening with Republicans. I would like nothing more than to be wrong about this fear, but time will tell.

We do not have the benefit of a glimpse of the future before our choice is made. We don’t know what Hillary’s presidency would turn out like, and we didn’t know Trump’s. Instead we had to have faith in the candidate we voted for. Faith believes in things hoped for and not seen. What will we see?

I understand emotions are raw. Mine have been raw for the past year. I implore all of us to stand strong, but kind too, in this next chapter of uncertainty. I don’t know the future, and stressing about it only takes away from my life today, and I might not get tomorrow. So, stay kind even when people are not kind to you. Your heart will live longer and your mind will be clearer. We enjoyed or survived 8 years of Obama. We can all survive or even enjoy 4 years of Trump. Maybe good will come? Maybe bad will come? But we all have the power to make today and everyday positive inside ourselves and toward each other.

I am thankful to be an American. I am thankful to God for another breath to take and another day to live. I am thankful for my home, family, animals, friends, job and more. I have been given too many blessings from God in my life to let the uncertainty of tomorrow diminish my true blessings today. Love’s power beats hate any day. And even better – the commercials are finally over.

Be kind to each other. Fighting won’t change anything anyway. Shannon Sharpe reminded people of that very truth today – the only positive I saw on Twitter this morning.

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2016 Election

I shy away from politics. I vote, and I pay attention, but I avoid the battles in fighting with people. I believe fighting about politics or religion is a waste of time. Fighting doesn’t change your opposition’s view, but it does waste minutes of your life.

This election is very important and difficult. It is tough to make a decision with all the noise the media has given us to listen to. The media makes us think that unimportant things are important, and if we vote based on unimportant thing, then mistakes are made. That is why I am sharing this article written by Andy Andrews. He has a reputation for being a common sense writer, and carefully lays out what people should consider when voting. It has nothing to do with Her emails or His remarks or conversations – all unimportant stuff when it comes to the power they will have. It is a long article, but I hope you read it, because it isn’t filled with the noise of our media. Please click the link below.

Election FACTS 2016

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What are you paying for?


time-and-moneyThere is a question both company and employee need to start asking before hiring and or accepting a job. The answer to the question, What are you paying me/them for, will help both company and employee find the right fit. Have you ever been told that you didn’t work a full 8 hours yesterday? Was it followed by “you didn’t get your job done”? More times than not — I am willing to bet it was one or the other — especially in office situations. Have you ever had or seen an employee not get their job done because their shift ended and therefore they didn’t complete something? Did it cause problems? I have a point here…

Situation # 1: Have you ever been told that you didn’t work a full 8 hours yesterday? Was it followed by “you didn’t get your job done”?
If you or your employee didn’t work a full 8 hours, BUT the job was done, and there is complaining anyway — you are doing it wrong! Don’t hire employees to do a job and then complain that they didn’t take a full 8 hours to do the job. You are asking them to work in a less efficient manner. How do you set goals that way? Are you paying for the job to get done, or hours of their time? They are not the same. There is a difference!

Situation #2: Have you ever had or seen an employee not get their job done because their shift ended and therefore they didn’t complete something? Did it cause problems?
If you pay an employee by the hour, and not to get the job done before he or she leaves, then you risk the job not getting done. Employees are more likely to waste time during their working hours by not working if they are only paid, complimented and appreciated by the hour. “I stayed in your building for 8 hours. I spent 8 hours not doing what I would have been doing if I wasn’t here.” This is the mindset of many hourly employees. Now — A receptionist makes sense as an hourly employee because you need someone to answer the phones for the set hours needed. Customer facing positions, like the post office front desk, need hourly employees to greet and service the customers. BUT — if you paid the mailman by the hour, and not the route, and the route doesn’t get done in that time — Oh well! People will get their mail tomorrow! Would that work? No. So then they should not be paid hourly. I am not saying they are — I am just making a point.

So, whether you are a hiring company or job seeking employee, you need to answer the question before you offer or take an opportunity. You need that answer to know if you are being paid or paying fairly. Otherwise you have unrest and job dissatisfaction. The “this isn’t fair” attitude kills progress in the workplace every day on both sides of the ball. Fix it by answering the right questions first and then pay or be paid according to the right answer.

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Not being bipolar does not make me an idiot! You being bipolar doesn’t make you smart. There! I said it! I have lived with someone battling bipolar disorder for many years. Each year I watch his illness become more consuming, and each year I blame him for it. Why? Because he was given a diagnosis and gave up. The diagnosis gave him an excuse to be an idiot.
I am not bipolar and I am not going to infer I understand what it is like to live with it internally. I have highs and lows but the extremes are different than what he experiences. I get it the best I can. I also understand that pills will not fix his life, and they are only tools to help him deal with it. After all, a student who has ADD doesn’t take a pill and then a paper writes itself or ace a test without studying. A lot of work still has to be done to be successful after taking medication. I understand while his diagnosis gives him a trial in this life that I do not have, I also understand that educating yourself beyond the prescription from a doctor is essential to continue living successfully. Psychiatrists are as good as their patients, and he is making his doctor look like an idiot.
First, let’s understand depression. True depression, not simply feeling depressed, is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain. Depression isn’t the result of the death in the family, or the loss of a job, but that doesn’t mean depression can’t be triggered by life happening. Depression doesn’t acknowledge common sense. Knowing you have a family who loves you, and friends who care doesn’t make life better like it would for someone who is not chemically depressed. True depression often needs treatment using prescription medication, regular supervision from a doctor, and additional treatments. Just taking a pill doesn’t fix depression. It is just a tool to help a person get up and do the rest of the work. Medications for bipolar disorder are no different.
Google is amazing! Google helps you to search for most any answer you may need. However, all it does is pull up options to look at when you search a topic. It doesn’t open the article and read the article to you. People use the tool of Google to search for topics, but then have to do the work of reading and finding the answers he or she is looking for. Google has a lot of information on bipolar disorder, or I should say it helps pull a lot of information for it. WebMD is source pulled by Google in the first few options given when searching the topic. When you open the article for bipolar disorder it gives a very generic description of the disorder, and then provides a drop-down box to continue searching information. Here is a summary of the generic description from WebMD (“Bipolar health center,” 2015):

Bipolar disorder has extreme mood swings from depression to mania in patients. Bipolar

is a serious condition with serious consequences, but can be treated through therapy and 

Bipolar disorder is hell to live with, and I know that firsthand watching a loved one suffer from it. He goes to the doctor and takes his medications, and these actions are to his credit because people with any depressive disorder can be known to stop medication once they feel better. When the pills do not do enough, however; he takes more medication than he is supposed. He steals other people’s medications and has risked putting the entire family in danger with his theft, lies and deceit. Why does he do that? Does he not care about us? Well, him not caring about his family isn’t the problem, but it is a consequence of him not caring enough about himself to work hard and get help. A concoction of pills will never fix the problems he has. Work will.

I am only using WebMD for ease of basic information for this article, but there are many other resources out there. Moving forward, while the website talks extensively about medication and treatment it is not simply a source for medication understanding. If you are bipolar there is so much more that a patient has to do to become mentally healthy. WebMD provides the tip of the iceberg for additional treatment needed (“Understanding bipolar disorder,” 2014):

Routines help to manage bipolar disorder. A patient’s routines should include regular sleep, exercise and diet practices. Patients must learn to identify his or her warning signs early to control their symptoms of the disorder. 
Having bipolar disorder requires patients to work harder for everyday normalcy than those who do not have the disorder, and I understand that it is hard work. While I may not have the experience of having it – I have taken the time to educate myself about the disorder so that I can understand it and provide support. If you are a patient with the disorder you must educate yourself and act on the advice beyond what a doctor writes on a prescription pad! It is silly to be diagnosed with anything and then choose not to understand what it means. What happens when you do not educate yourself and work hard to find the solutions that work? Everyone around you suffers.
When I offer the information of what I have learned through research I have been met with anger and resistance. Because I don’t have bipolar disorder it means I have no understanding of it and therefore cannot give advice. That is the thought process of someone who is mentally ill and not working to feel better as needed. Instead it is him who has no understanding of bipolar disorder and he is the one living with it. He understands feeling ill, but he has never truly tried to understand what it takes to be healthy while having the disorder.
We all have trials and we all need support with our trials. Doing it alone and isolating yourself to find your own solutions will only result in negative outcomes. I understand that life in general is hard with the disorder, and I can only imagine the frustration of regular ups and downs that seem out of nowhere. I also understand through educating myself that the diagnosis doesn’t ruin your life – it just requires new disciplines to survive.


Understanding bipolar disorder. (2014). Retrieved from
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Paris attack reactions

Hope is the purest form of expectation because it is a feeling of trust and desire. What does the world desire today? I have no idea. We live in a world of so much hatred that it feels like hope is something of past because it is something so rarely seen. When will people learn? What will it take to learn. With history’s knack for repeating itself it is hard not to fear the future. Yesterday, November 13th, makes me feel like hope is even more lost. The intolerance of the world has consequences to face.

On November 13, 2015 the world was shaken by carefully orchestrated attacks in Paris. So coordinated were the attacks that Al Qaeda was initially thought to blame by some news outlets. ISIS was quick to set the record straight and take responsibility for the attacks. Over 100 people were killed, but the true number is not firm at this time. Among the dead were some of the attackers. Seven attackers killed themselves and another shot dead by authorities. ISIS is a threat that I think few people comprehend. The hate they feel and use to carry out their attacks is not something I understand, but hate across the world is building beyond the powers of ISIS.

Across the world exists people who have experienced war before. The experience in the past will serve a small lesson for the trial of today. ISIS is fueled by hate and the need for power, and it will take the world to fight them. George Takei is an actor many people know from his role in Star Trek. After the attacks Mr. Takei posted on Facebook a message from his past experience:
“There no doubt will be those who look upon immigrants and refugees as the enemy as a result of these attacks, just as peaceful Japanese Americans were viewed as the enemy after Pearl Harbor. But we must resist the urge to categorize and dehumanize, for it is that very impulse that fueled the insanity and violence perpetrated this evening. Against the forces of darkness and terror, love and compassion shall always prevail.” I understand the motivation for Mr. Takei’s comments, but I also understand we are facing an enemy there is no future peace to exist with. This fight is not against a specific culture, people or country. The fight is against an organization that stretches against various countries and people, and threatens any group in its path. The enemy is fueled by the growing intolerance in this world.

The United States faced an enemy with a strong hatred as well. The enemy was Al Qaeda, and regardless of how people feel about the war that proceeded the 9/11 attacks, we were given a warning of larger enemy to be born. I remember watching George W Bush in a news conference once where he warned that if we did not continue to fight the war we would face a much larger enemy. Of all the times Mr. Bush was wrong I really wish this was one of them. Unfortunately he was very right and we face a much larger enemy and war.

Glenn Beck offered that the attacks in Paris were not a terrorist attack but instead the beginning of World War III. President Obama’s comments after the attacks offered the attacks were on us all, and just as France has stood by us in times of war, so too will be stand by France. The World lit up in the colors red, white and blue in support of France and to state a stance against our enemy. The world is once again in a war together.

I understand Mr. Takei’s fear that people will take justice into their own hands out of fear of who they could be. I understand his warning for people to not give into their hatred and act just like our enemy. Unfortunately this enemy will not be obliterated by love and compassion. The enemy is seeking places of love and compassion for their attacks, and will continue to attack until they are obliterated. Innocent people are going to die until the enemy is defeated. November 13th woke the world up to the progression of the enemy, and began the need to destroy or be destroyed. Unfortunately I agree with Mr. Beck that World War III is here. May God help us all to have the will and strength to save as many people as possible. Until then I hope people watch their words and actions of hate, and find a way to love and support all who need it.

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Intelligence, Belief and Faith

A person’s intelligence is based on his or her individual capacity for learning, reasoning and understanding through mental activity. Intelligence levels affect the ability to grasp truths, relationships and facts from things one can hear, see, smell and touch. Intelligence helps people learn and determine fact versus fiction. The internet and common dictionary can teach people these truths about intelligence. What does intelligence have to do with beliefs?
Beliefs are based on trust and confidence. A belief helps people to know if something is true or exists. A belief can also start, grow and confirm a person’s faith. Religion and faith are often used synonymously. Does a person have to be intelligent to believe in something or have faith? Intelligence offers the ability to grasp truths, and a belief confirms a truth. Are they the same?
Faith can be defined as a system of religious beliefs and the observance of an obligation. Various church leaders often use obligations as a reason to follow beliefs. If a person lacks belief then he or she will not have the faith to follow an obligation. Faith may also be the perseverance of an idea and often plays a vital role in moral codes. Some scriptures offer that faith is that which is hoped for and not seen. When putting these three definitions together it is easy to see that faith, belief and intelligence are equally complicated, but serve together.
Organized religion allows for people to gather in groups according to common beliefs. Within their beliefs people often determine right or wrong according to a moral background common with their beliefs. When people belong to a religion they often live according to the standards of the group and worship using similar practices. Most religions worship only one God or deity, but may call their deity by a different name. Organized religions strengthen over time because of increased worshipers and a deep-seeded faith. The problem organized religion offers is it blinds individuals to anything beyond the beliefs they have been taught by people. The other problem is people who disagree or raise questions about their religion are often blacklisted and unable to worship with the group. Organized religion can block the growth of faith.
People should follow God and not organized religion. This is not saying that organized religion is wrong and you should quit going to church. This is saying that if you follow God first then people will not have the power to hurt your faith. A person following what people tell him or her to follow does not have faith in God, but faith in the people of a group. The problem with under-developed relationships with God is people are flawed, and if a person follows a group, and the group lets them down, faith in what they were doing is shaken. Stories about shaken faith are everywhere, and then people quit church and often lose the faith they had before.
I belong to a church but I am proud to say I do not follow the people. I have had several people let me down within my organized religion, and I have let people down, but my faith in God has always stayed strong. My church has also helped me when life was hard, and helped me and my family persevere, and this is God’s work inside my church. Keeping my relationship with God and my attendance at church separate has allowed me to keep both relationships strong in my heart without consequence. God helps me to have the intelligence to know when to ignore the people, and the faith to not question His answers.
My beliefs and faith were confirmed when I was a young teenager, and I was lucky that my experience had nothing to do with a church. In 1993 Pope John Paul II came to Denver, Colorado and I did not understand why so many visitors were coming to Colorado to see him. I am not catholic, and have never attended the catholic church, so I was very naïve about the significance of his visit. Anyway, an insane amount of people gathered at Mile High Stadium to see him for his visit. I remember thinking how stupid they all were because they were meeting at an open stadium and storms clouds were building all around it. I remember thinking “these people are going to get drenched just to see a man in a white robe.” Well, I could not have been more wrong, and God’s message to me more clear.
I was upstairs in my bedroom listening to loud music when my dad called for me. He wanted me to come outside to see the clouds and sunset. I thought this was a ridiculous request, but I went outside to see what the fuss what about. In a matter of seconds I would believe in God forever. I walked outside to see all these clouds that didn’t look nice, but amazingly there was a brake in the clouds, and the brake was in the shape of a hand with a palm and all five fingers. That’s right! A hand was carved out of the clouds, and the hand was over Mile High Stadium. Rain did not drench the people who traveled to see the Pope. Instead they were all protected for their worship.
Again, I am not catholic and this experience did not make me think I should be a catholic. Instead the experience proved God exists and that he protected people – even Catholics.  This experience has left me open to different faiths. I do not believe there is a right or wrong organized faith to belong to. I believe there are good and bad people in every group, and there are good and bad teachings in every group. If you do not build a relationship with God you will be void of the intelligence of what is good versus what is bad in any faith you choose.
God’s gift to us is the right to choose. God gave us free will. There are consequences to free will just as there would be consequences to total control. Good and bad exists in absolutely everything! Every trial has a gift and every gift a trial. Gifts and trials are different for everybody. You should never follow someone in the hopes of receiving their gifts, and you should never begrudge God for your trials. Our mortal lives require us to  have both, and we would not learn and grow without them. The loss of life for one can now mean more life for another. The loss of a life can bring out the strength in those left to live. Marriage between two people can bring sorrow for someone else. Gaining employments also means one or more people didn’t get the job. Rain may ruin your plans but it also allows for other things to grow. Faith may alienate you from some, but bring you closer to others. For every gift there was a debt to pay and the payment is not negotiable. If a person has his or her eyes open, and can truly see there is good and bad to everything, then exists the ability to have the intelligence to develop a belief and faith in God and all His works.
Leonardo da Vinci said “Oysters open completely when the moon is full; and when the crab sees one it throws a piece of stone or seaweed into it and the oyster cannot close again so that it serves the crab for meat. Such is the fate of him who opens his mouth too much and thereby puts himself at the mercy of the listener.(Greene, 1998, p. 33)” I hope my message was heard, and my message is simple: Build your own faith and beliefs. Allow yourself to listen to people with an open mind, but never sacrifice your intelligence for the sake of belonging to a group.


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Rising Healthcare Costs

Americans continue to fight rising healthcare costs. The government for America has changed the healthcare system under a bill called Obamacare in an effort to make healthcare more accessible for the citizens. Is the healthcare system really America’s problem with healthcare costs, or is Obamacare an effort to ignore the real problem?
America faces an obesity problem. Many Americans are over-weight or obese including children. As America’s waistline continues to expand so do the rising healthcare costs due to health-related issues associated with obesity. The growing problem requires a solution, but so far the solutions offered by America’s political system have ignored the real problem. Schools are changing the menu for children who buy school lunches, the mayor of New York placed a soda ban on any soda drinks larger than 16 ounces in restaurants (Reimer, 2012), and a few lawsuits have been filed against soda makers misplacing blame for health tragedies. The solutions proposed by the government have yet to shrink America’s waistline, and the reason is the government refuses to acknowledge that obesity is the problem.
America’s weight problem travels beyond the soda drinker or the child with a chocolate treat in their lunch. Americans live a fast-paced lifestyle with non-stop travel between home, work, school, children’s activities and the like. The fast-paced  lifestyle is all-too-common and quick-meal solutions are a daily need for many Americans. Fast meals are often higher in fat, sodium and sugar. Fast meals are often less expensive than healthier choices. McDonald’s, for example, offers some healthy items on the menu, but a dinner salad in Colorado is closer to $6.00 while a double cheeseburger is only a dollar or two. The obesity problem continues to fester because too many people cannot afford the healthier dietary choices available in their fast-paced lifestyle. America must focus the marketing strategy for decreasing rising healthcare costs on the need for lower-cost health consumption choices. The lack of affordable healthy food choices is the problem for rising healthcare costs.
Danielle Gould from Forbes magazine offered “Americans know they are fat.” Her article offers  two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, and one-third of children are cursed with the same problem. Obesity-related illness has a cost of $190.2 billion annually with research suggesting the cost will rise and increase to $549.5 billion annually by 2030 (Gould, 2012). Americans have a problem with their weight and soda bans and healthier school lunches will not fix the problem.
Health-related illness due to obesity is open to a wide-range of problems. Health-related illnesses include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure, heart disease, stroke, gallstones, gallbladder disorders, gout, osteoarthritis, some types of cancer, complications with pregnancy, poor reproductive health, bladder control problems and psychological disorders (“,” 2009). The problem with current efforts to control America’s waistline is the idea that we can change how people feel about their health by controlling what they consume in certain public places, but what is needed is offering better choices at lower costs.
Schools offering better lunch choices is not a bad idea, but having a no-junk-food policy is not a good idea. Many fad diets restrict the junk food people can consume, but many of them also allow a “free day” to enjoy something less healthy. Schools could follow the diet mindset by offering healthy choices Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday while making Wednesday a “free day” to enjoy pizza, a sweet treat and the like. The more you tell people “no” the more they will want what is being denied to them. Schools should also offer gym and activity classes daily. Children have larger waistlines not only from their calorie intake but from lack of activity as well. It is my opinion that gym classes are just as important as math, language, history and science classes. Adults could also use more activity and the government can reward people who seek out additional activity resulting in additional calories burned.
A business analysis evaluates the attractiveness of a solution, as well determines profit, loss and cost projections for the solution. The risk analysis for changing a healthcare system versus producing healthier choices should be conducted. The government will never make every citizen happy, but the government should not control the food sent to school for children to eat during the day either. Americans must invest in producing healthier food choices at lower costs for consumption. Costs continue to rise for many reasons including over-consumption, rising transportation costs, as well the price to harvest fruits, vegetables and animals for our food supply. The plan to lower costs involves more than fertile ground for producing healthier choices, and all costs must be considered to find solutions. America must adopt the mindset to eat healthier while the government works to make a healthy lifestyle more affordable.
The government must discontinue the parental control they are trying to force on the citizens of America. The government controlling soda drinking in public, and food choices in schools will not shrink America’s waistline. Americans have created their own problems with healthcare costs and each person needs the cost options available to develop solutions.  Americans must make a healthy lifestyle a priority and the government must concentrate on making healthier choices available and affordable. The real problem is simple and the costs likely lower than Obamacare or anything else the government has done so far. America you are fat and it is time to fix the real problem with healthcare costs!