Hope is the purest form of expectation because it is a feeling of trust and desire. What does the world desire today? I have no idea. We live in a world of so much hatred that it feels like hope is something of past because it is something so rarely seen. When will people learn? What will it take to learn. With history’s knack for repeating itself it is hard not to fear the future. Yesterday, November 13th, makes me feel like hope is even more lost. The intolerance of the world has consequences to face.

On November 13, 2015 the world was shaken by carefully orchestrated attacks in Paris. So coordinated were the attacks that Al Qaeda was initially thought to blame by some news outlets. ISIS was quick to set the record straight and take responsibility for the attacks. Over 100 people were killed, but the true number is not firm at this time. Among the dead were some of the attackers. Seven attackers killed themselves and another shot dead by authorities. ISIS is a threat that I think few people comprehend. The hate they feel and use to carry out their attacks is not something I understand, but hate across the world is building beyond the powers of ISIS.

Across the world exists people who have experienced war before. The experience in the past will serve a small lesson for the trial of today. ISIS is fueled by hate and the need for power, and it will take the world to fight them. George Takei is an actor many people know from his role in Star Trek. After the attacks Mr. Takei posted on Facebook a message from his past experience:
“There no doubt will be those who look upon immigrants and refugees as the enemy as a result of these attacks, just as peaceful Japanese Americans were viewed as the enemy after Pearl Harbor. But we must resist the urge to categorize and dehumanize, for it is that very impulse that fueled the insanity and violence perpetrated this evening. Against the forces of darkness and terror, love and compassion shall always prevail.” I understand the motivation for Mr. Takei’s comments, but I also understand we are facing an enemy there is no future peace to exist with. This fight is not against a specific culture, people or country. The fight is against an organization that stretches against various countries and people, and threatens any group in its path. The enemy is fueled by the growing intolerance in this world.

The United States faced an enemy with a strong hatred as well. The enemy was Al Qaeda, and regardless of how people feel about the war that proceeded the 9/11 attacks, we were given a warning of larger enemy to be born. I remember watching George W Bush in a news conference once where he warned that if we did not continue to fight the war we would face a much larger enemy. Of all the times Mr. Bush was wrong I really wish this was one of them. Unfortunately he was very right and we face a much larger enemy and war.

Glenn Beck offered that the attacks in Paris were not a terrorist attack but instead the beginning of World War III. President Obama’s comments after the attacks offered the attacks were on us all, and just as France has stood by us in times of war, so too will be stand by France. The World lit up in the colors red, white and blue in support of France and to state a stance against our enemy. The world is once again in a war together.

I understand Mr. Takei’s fear that people will take justice into their own hands out of fear of who they could be. I understand his warning for people to not give into their hatred and act just like our enemy. Unfortunately this enemy will not be obliterated by love and compassion. The enemy is seeking places of love and compassion for their attacks, and will continue to attack until they are obliterated. Innocent people are going to die until the enemy is defeated. November 13th woke the world up to the progression of the enemy, and began the need to destroy or be destroyed. Unfortunately I agree with Mr. Beck that World War III is here. May God help us all to have the will and strength to save as many people as possible. Until then I hope people watch their words and actions of hate, and find a way to love and support all who need it.