I am frustrated by the reports of another terrorist attack on innocent people. I will never understand the thoughts and actions of people who think they have a right to hurt and kill people who believe and think different than they do. I wish I could send weapons to the hostages to give them the power to break free and save their lives. The powerless feeling of only being able to pray and keep them in my heart seems insignificant, and I wish I could do more. I hope the world stands together and acts against these terrorists who continue to make it clear that they will never stop otherwise. These people will not stop until the world stops them.

My heart is with you, Paris
My prayers are meant for you all.
In the wake of the terror and fright
Pull on the strength from God and stand tall.

Our country will be with you in this fight
As you have been with us in ours.
WE must stand together for a common purpose
And show them WE have the power.

Good comes from bad all of the time-
And I pray the good comes fast.
Lets end terror where is starts
And make this present the past.

May God be with you!