Photo Copyright : lightwise

Dear Republicans
What more can I say
You continue to murder your party
More and more each day.
No concept of unity
Or common core to unite-
Just sticks and stones to throw…
To everyone in your sight.
Turning your backs-
The second your feel disgust…
Never back democrats-
But no fellow republican to trust.
I don’t know your goal
And neither do you
And the future may erase this-
If it’s the last thing you do.
Nothing to follow-
Nowhere to begin-
Maybe that is why…
Your choice wasn’t a politician.
But you can’t support him-
And he doesn’t support you…
Despite Hillary’s shortcomings-
She has a party helping her through.
Do I think she should be president?
Absolutely no!
But given the choices…
Republicans insist on staying low.
Breaking the broken
Until nothing more can be done…
Republican politicians are pathetic and sad!
Making sure again the democrats have won.