So many connections
And networks in place
Making sure information is passed
At a record pace.

Very little we learn
Filled with absolute truth-
And so we are filled with lies
Before entering the voting booth.

The media the winner-
And the public the loser-
So many fingers pointed-
At different accusers.

I want my children informed
But what do I give them for that?
Certainly not the debates-
Where education falls flat.

Yet the public still cheers
For their candidate of choice-
Like one is actually better this year-
Different platforms used to Voice.

So few people
Fail to notice what all we didn’t learn…
The future more uncertain-
As the pasts comes now to burn.

Each day we lose the future
By pointless fingers to the past…
And the uneducated stay dumb
Because they are surrounded by trash.

Unprofessional and un-sincere
And broken is the guide-
The media running the circus…
And the truth is the only thing to hide.