Conspiracy theories are popular in American culture. I have never been one to give into them, or think of them. The idea that the CIA hired Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate JFK doesn’t seem possible to me, for example. Bigfoot sightings are simply for the amusement of the bored or drug-induced mind I think. I believe in aliens, but only because I would be sad if our imperfection resembled the only intelligence in the universe. I have never believed in a conspiracy theory, until I had one of my own thanks to China!

I avoid watching the news. The negativity from the news and political commercials is a waste of time for me. My husband, however, follows enough things on social media that occasionally a new story is brought to my attention. This week had one of those days. While getting ready for the day he casually said “A new flu virus is reported in China.” “Oh great! That’s all we need” was my response. Within minutes my very first conspiracy theory was born and I truly believe it is as possible as aliens.

Let me first say that I have had a couple people say conspiracy theories to me about COVID-19. One was on the news, and then repeated to me by my parents, that China purposely released the virus to help reduce their elderly population. That is ridiculous to me. I am not educated on Chinese culture, but I do know the elderly are revered, and so I see theory as impossible. The next theory was said to me by a coworker, and his sounded way more possible. He said there have been growing concerns of people grouping together in China and sharing ideas that are against the current government. What better way for the government to stop this, then to release a virus that would stop groups from gathering. I didn’t think this was the case, but I could see it being possible at least. I think mine is better though!

The United States is a mess right now. The handling of COVID-19 hasn’t worked. I think the information President Trump, the CDC and WHO had, and when they had it, was by special design. Americans, and our politicians, have wasted time blaming each other for the unknown, and I think China’s government knew that would happen. What’s more, the movements in America create a perfect distraction for looming shut downs and bankruptcy. People are so busy fighting each other that life will be over before it’s noticed and our government is playing right along. It’s such a waste of time blaming only one group i.e. Republicans, Democrats, whites, blacks, police and so on. Especially when our future is possibly being stripped away by the hands of another country’s government. So here is my conspiracy theory:
What better way to become the financial leader of the world, then to release a virus you already know how to battle, to the world but defeat quickly in your own country? The virus that no one else knows, and will take significant time to learn, that can shut down life, and business as we know it. The governments of Americans have nothing better to do when they fight and judge each other. Meanwhile freedom to run your own life has stopped. Things started to open up just before the next wave was to hit the states. And what if it is known that the virus can only live and wreak havoc so long? What then? A new flu or virus release perhaps? Until finally so much money has been lost or hemorrhaged -the strength of a nation can only crumble in cave. The end is left with a country that released the virus to be the only one stronger and surviving.

This post is purely a conspiracy theory, and is without merit or truth. Perhaps it is the result of no new television shows or movies to entertain my mind!