I’ll take your crazy

And raise you sane

Block injustice

And forward the blame…

I’ll take the medicine

And forward the will

Play the life

That’s planning to kill…

And I’ll be sorry

Or a little late

All in the time

Of planning fate…

And when all is done

And the tears are dry-

Life was given up-

In the belief I tried.


Pebbles and rocks

Rivers and sand

People and places

Fantasy be damned…

And over the edge

Where fantasies live

No hunger or suffering

Just something to give….

And numb as it was

Alive was inside

Not for what was lost-

But for what finally had died.

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Living’s Lesson

I thought I had time-
Time to be angry…
Time to forgive…
Time to waste.

I thought I was right-
And you were wrong-
So I fed the wrong energy…
In my prideful haste.

When the sands passed through-
The hour glass of time-
I had no way to see…
The grains were almost gone.

And as pride often does-
Chances were lost..
And the mortal soul is left…
To know it was wrong.

Anger is fair to feel-
When one is wronged-
As I felt towards you…
So many years ago.

Holding onto the past-
And sacrificing the future-
Is a loss my time will always bare-
Which is something I bet you know.

May God rest your soul-
And forgive mine-
As a new time begins…
In lighting a candle for you.

Heaven will be brighter-
As you make it home-
Your heart in toe…
With a piece of mine too

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Forgiveness is a chore-
Needing to be exhausted by all.
Like a home…
Disaster builds quickly when avoided.
Hatred is the foundation-
Framing stone in your heart.
Forgiveness is freedom-
Exonerating your spirit.
For He forgave your transgressions-
So like His..
Your spirit would live.
Rise to the occasion-
Happy Easter!