I will admit I feel confused-By many articles and writings I have read.

The life people describe isn’t one that I have lived-

And the blessing is mine I guess.


I didn’t grow up in a world of us and them-

Or drawing a line between black and white.

Prejudice was simply a part of history-

That the world I knew agreed wasn’t right.


Maybe I lived in a box?

If so, I am glad that I did…

Because I never want to be like the world I hear about now-

With so much hatred spread.


I don’t care about your race or orientation-

I just care about what you do.

If you break the law or hurt someone…

The events that happened started with you.


I don’t care if your life is different than mine-

But I want my life left to me.

I am happy to respect your choices-

But respect is a two-way street you see.


Our job is not to judge each other-

But humans rarely see that right…

So let go of your judgements against others…

And the judgements against you might get light.


Color of skin doesn’t make you right-

And it doesn’t make you wrong.

Actions speak louder than anything-

So choose carefully the road you travel on.


This is not about sunshine and flowers-

As I am not a huge people fan…

I feel people suck in general-

But race and sex are not the problem with “man.”


Inconsiderate and selfish-

Those are the people I don’t get.

And when you can’t drive!!!!!

I really throw a fit.


I won’t tell you what to believe-

And I won’t tell you what to do…

It is people pushing personal logic-

Making the world harder for me and you.


Blessing and trials are different for all-

And empty promises are nothing new…

NOTHING in life is free!!!

So don’t let politicians fool you.


Instead be like Frozen…

And simply let it go!

Search for peace and a protective box…