Time Fallacy

Time Fallacy

There they stand
Thinking of all the time ahead
Racing to grow up
Ignoring lines they tread.
Enjoy being a kid!
Sentiment each parent sells
The dream that is always preached
Too often doesn’t turn out well.
Waiting to take responsibility
And rescued in their youth
Then shock from friends and strangers
When time reveals the truth.
You don’t have time you see
So stop wasting another day
Enjoy being young and open
But don’t ignore adulthood on its way.
Nothing lasts forever
Especially keeping time
Regrets leave more moments wasted
The body gets past its prime.
You should only have 1 BUT in your life
And that should be your ASS!
Don’t believe in having later
Or anyone will just let you pass.
Enjoy your youth, yes!
Don’t depend on the best is yet to come….
Adulthood is long and hard
And you will wish to again be young.
Chase that dream each day
Work hard to make it real
Preach honesty in your life
Keep negativity from what you feel.
You don’t have time, kid!
But you do have today . . .
Don’t throw it in the trash
Use your time to work, learn and pray.

Casting Care

Heart care

Life is a circus
With scary clowns
And many miracles
Up lifting downs.

Humans are a gift
To an old curse
And the knowledge
Preached in verse.

Self is imaginary
Vision is real
The heart holds wisdom
Brain learns to feel.

Life is a trial
Death is the reward
Facts build fiction
To love’s double sword.

To error is common
To learn is rare
Close the eyes to listen
Act to find your care.

Open Heart

New Start Eve

A mess on the path
Mine to clean
Scrub and sweep
Are my means

Every move
Countless minutes
More shambles
No way to clean it

On my knees
Scream and cry
No progress for work
Or understanding why.

Seeking answers
With praying demands
To which He answered
You must clean your hands.

With palms and fingers clean
The mess was too
Appreciate the problem
And the answer inside you.

Seek the guidance
Recognize your part
He will give you the answer
When you open your heart.

Talking Breeze

The dream lives in darkness 

Producing light

Fractured lens

Feeling right.

Resurrection captured

Death was lost


Little cost.

The battle rages on

Inside hurts

Outside pushes

Bloodied shirt.

In the distance


The reward

Careful planning.

Stolen moment praises

Bending knees

Whispered answers

Talking breeze.

Perfectly Seen

Life in moments
Seconds to reality
Minutes pass
Just like sanity.
Right a blurry vision
Wrong a current memory
Forsaking what is
For what was wanted.
Happiness a goal
Instead of being
Changes happened
As hands are no longer needed for time.
Pausing to embrace
The steps lost
Forking a road
On a straight path.
Vision for knowing
Feeling the heart beat skipped
Racing to finish
While hoping for no end.
Better now
Without life bending.
It takes dancing in the imperfection of everything
To finally be perfectly seen.