Lightning Real

The storm rolls

Without fury or fight

Just a spark in the darkness

To light up the night…

The crows are silent

And the wind is still-

The air hot

But still a chill…

And while the Heaven’s talk

Hell is asleep

But all storms find life

In the silence we keep…

For no secret is sound

And no noise is clear-

Just a reminder that fate

Is present and near.

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Tit and Tat

So tell me a song
And I’ll show you a dance
Make me believe
Or pretend a stance…
Now make me smile
And I’ll provide the frown
Bring me up
Just to take you down…
Make me forget
And I’ll make you believe
Promise forever
While I’ll make you leave…
Make me regret
And I’ll make you beg
Pretend to suffer
So I can bend your head…
So tell me more
And I will provide less
Make me predict
While I make you confess…
Now tell me why
And I will tell you more…
Force my hand…
And I will shut the door.