A depth without knowledge  Strength without muscle Stopping all Pushing everything. Consequence silenced Gains imagined  Built and structured Without conscience plan. Believed reality  While imaginary Structured always Architect of the mind.

Darkness Awaits 

Darkened room Absorbing light Lethargic limbs Losing fight. Slowly walls Closing in Without anything  Pushing them. Heavy eyes Wasted breath No control  Daily death. Goals hidden Right and wrong Forgetting points Depressing songs. Happiness fades Hope cries Trials mount  Chance's demise. Nature's corpse And simple breath All things break Life forgets.


  So.... I walked into it- A hell absent of a destination; A future could not be seen. The doors were guarded with deception- As paths of shimmering promise. So I walked through them... Wouldn't you? Demented with thoughts That appearances were true. Yet here I stand. Debilitated. Who knew? IT did.