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The Mourn

Twirling like a ballerina
Leaves fall at season’s end
With happiness too.

Snow silences the noise
White graces the dirt
And the sacrifice.

Animals fight to live
Houses beg for heat
While singers praise a silent night.

Now only the shadows
And life’s peaceful sleep
Grace the eyes of the mourn.

One hundred twenty days to count
As darkness has the time
Before Spring brings back a say-

Life remembered again
Year over year
Smile over tears.

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A depth without knowledge 

Strength without muscle

Stopping all

Pushing everything.

Consequence silenced

Gains imagined 

Built and structured

Without conscience plan.

Believed reality 

While imaginary

Structured always

Architect of the mind.

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Darkness Awaits 

Darkened room

Absorbing light

Lethargic limbs

Losing fight.

Slowly walls

Closing in

Without anything 

Pushing them.

Heavy eyes

Wasted breath

No control 

Daily death.

Goals hidden

Right and wrong

Forgetting points

Depressing songs.

Happiness fades

Hope cries

Trials mount 

Chance’s demise.

Nature’s corpse

And simple breath

All things break

Life forgets.

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Darkness challenged


The sky a masterpiece
Changing faster than any person…
A blank canvas-
Waiting to be more.
Silver linings…
Each cloud has a fate
To which it will tell a story
No plan beyond its purpose
No fighting for something more.
Now to move on peacefully
After narrating a story
Leaving behind another canvas-
That for a time the sun will fill alone-
Darkness now dependent on the imagination.

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I walked into it-
A hell absent of a destination;
A future could not be seen.
The doors were guarded with deception-
As paths of shimmering promise.
So I walked through them…
Wouldn’t you?
Demented with thoughts
That appearances were true.
Yet here I stand.
Who knew?
IT did.