Rat Race

The stumbles are old

Like tin cans of last year

No owner or reason…

And right and wrong-

Suddenly less black and white.

Hating the grey in the sky-

Like silver in the hair…

The blur of tomorrow

Matches without glasses

While only the past

Shows it face…

And there will be answers

Like trash in an alley

Seeking the rat

Or time and place.

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Wanting for More

Does it matter

The earth falls through my fingers

Like wine on the floor

The smell only lingers…

And I brace

For a period of regret

After the memories

Only Alzheimer’s could forget…

And I wait

Just like those moments before

Getting nothing

But wanting for more.

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Missing Answers

How many fails

Make a failure?

How many wins

Make a winner?

How many punches

Are a knockout?

How many compliments 

Are true?

My friend in misery 

Has many questions.

Beyond the grave

Bares the honest answers.

So arguments keep dancing

As only they have their day.