Hello Fuzzy

Hello fuzzy

My old friend

When did we become close?

Or was there a when?

Or just a comfort

Before the tale

The pain inside

And unfortunate fail…

And the break

Before the torch

Running to die

Before breaking a porch…

And understanding

Like only a demon can do-

Holding the burden

Before hitting the truth.

Will to Fight

Yes loneliness a lonely hunter

And he’s calling me by name

Not out of hunger

But pity and shame…

And the call is familiar

Like that of a wading shore-

No will to look back

Or right for more…

With royal purple shouting

Amid inviting lights…

Only the storm moves on

With my will to fight.


Life is a challenge

And mistakes make it real

Love is for life

While moments are a steal…

Chances are fleeting

Occasionally a bit of luck

And even when you are moving

It feels like being stuck…

So you take a chance

Or maybe even a fall…

Challenge everything

Or on one roll bet it all…

And even when it works

“Fool” it thought near by…

Yes it might be foolish-

But still worth the try.