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The List

Oh how you grow

And taunt me to fail…

Oh how you stop

In forgotten detail…

Oh how you try

To not let me forget…

Oh how I wish

Success I would get…

Oh how I wait

To remember you exist…

Oh how the goals

Just stay on the list.

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New Year 2019

Christmas is over
And the year almost too
What will the New Year
Bring different for you?
What will you keep doing
What will you change?
Is there something to keep
Or more to exchange?
Will you find hope
Or keep it high
Will you forgive the past
And give the future a try?
With presents done
And facts clear
Will you make the effort
Or bow down to fear?
It’s a New chapter
Add it to your book
Remember what you learned
And appreciate what it took.
As the Year sets
And the New rings through…
Appreciate your blessings
Apply yourself too.