Song Bird

To the song bird who sings
Not for perfection or mutterings…
Spreading love and so much more
Life, if noticed, is adored-
A Presence so pure in devotion
Left for my heart and ear consumption…
Thank you for teaching beyond your wings
The appreciation for simpler things-
For without reminders during strife
More of us would lose in life…
So I look as you lead the way
And carry the words I do pray-
Please play your song for me,
For in it I am truly free.

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Freedom, America takes for granted
So clear now that it’s yesterday-
Never before so fragile
Reality creating dismay.

And you are nothing
When life makes you a chore-
And what is called compassion
Is an attempt to control open doors.

So control it back
By the power within you…
For no virus can attack
A heart filled and true…

And it will be tomorrow
Once yesterday is done
And you’ll awaken different
When the battle is finally won!

Liberty is flexible
When other worlds control your play-
Adapt to the moment
To make tomorrow the better day.

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All or Once

The path taken year after year
Changes as it should-
Lest steps seem only foreign
Forgotten is something good…
Sow a lavender bush perhaps
Bring calm back in place-
Until serenity falls in grievance
Drained by ache and waste…
Deaf ears lead blind eyes
Bounded by an induced agony-
Losing all or once
A consequence of your apathy.


Blood boils so quick anymore….

Always a joke-

Can nothing be serious?

Or even answered?

Taking care is for granted-

Maybe that’s why I stopped for so long?

Clearly not long enough-

Like time ever would be….

Pain is numbing

Until it hurts-

Or you stop.

Does it stop?

Or do you just go-

I do.

I did.


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I am Rich!

Today I turned 41! Crazy! I still don’t feel 40 – so it’s hard to believe I am a year older than that. As I look at my life now I see many struggles. BUT – I also see I am rich. I am rich because I have had 4 children and have never known the pain of losing a child. I am rich because I have a husband and have never known the pain of being a widow. I am rich because I have my mom and dad and have yet to know the pain of losing a parent. I am rich because I have a home, food and amazing animals. I am rich because I have learned to garden, and to work with God for food. I am rich because I have a job – even if it pays poorly and causes more stress than I can explain. I am rich because I am here, I had another birthday, and I still feel younger than I am. Thank God my blessings have exceeded my trails – just as they have the 40 years before. Life is good – even when it’s tough. And I am rich because I know that.

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Take On

Take on me
Troubles and gains
Take on tomorrow
Victories and pains
Take on now
Moments and truth
Take on innocence
Naivety of youth
Take on yesterday
Lessons from past
Take on the future
Something to last
Take on now
Like you have never done
Take on the moment
Like you’ve already won

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Turn On The Light

All gloom

Some anger too

Doomsday written

By more than a few.

When outside

The sun still shines

Blinded people

Of sarcasm and wine.

Oh and the blame

So easy to pass

And so it swings

Lost is class.

The point of the finger

Mirror in toe

Equal in error

Transgressors fail to know.

Oh there is life

If lived and glad

Stop spreading the bullshit

Painting the world only sad.

But what about…

Stop! More crap makes no difference

Give to a friend or stranger

Happiness finds witness.

A new challenge

Share only light

And lighten will the heart

Renewed clear sight.