Taken by JusTee This is where you goTo give upNo matter the criesOr screamsYou go anywayTo nothingAnd behindIs timeAnd everythingEngulfed in your suffering

Begging for secondsOf minutes lostWithout a memoryBut balanced cost-And in the battleLose the warTo remember hopeOr what was before-11:11Has always beenWhen I say helloAnd feel again-Just that momentWhere peace is mineWhere I can sigh reliefOne last time.

To the song bird who singsNot for perfection or mutterings…Spreading love and so much moreLife, if noticed, is adored-A Presence so pure in devotionLeft for my heart and ear consumption…Thank you for teaching beyond your wingsThe appreciation for simpler things-For without reminders during strifeMore of us would lose in life…So I look as you lead... Continue Reading →


Freedom, America takes for grantedSo clear now that it’s yesterday-Never before so fragileReality creating dismay. And you are nothingWhen life makes you a chore-And what is called compassionIs an attempt to control open doors. So control it backBy the power within you…For no virus can attackA heart filled and true… And it will be tomorrowOnce... Continue Reading →

All or Once

The path taken year after year Changes as it should- Lest steps seem only foreign Forgotten is something good… Sow a lavender bush perhaps Bring calm back in place- Until serenity falls in grievance Drained by ache and waste… Deaf ears lead blind eyes Bounded by an induced agony- Losing all or once A consequence... Continue Reading →

Blood boils so quick anymore.... Always a joke- Can nothing be serious? Or even answered? Taking care is for granted- Maybe that’s why I stopped for so long? Clearly not long enough- Like time ever would be.... Pain is numbing Until it hurts- Or you stop. Does it stop? Or do you just go- I... Continue Reading →

I am Rich!

Today I turned 41! Crazy! I still don't feel 40 - so it's hard to believe I am a year older than that. As I look at my life now I see many struggles. BUT - I also see I am rich. I am rich because I have had 4 children and have never known... Continue Reading →

What Should Have Been

The day the world dropped me off Moments it seemed From a blissful weekend Before meeting reality for the millionth time... And “go to hell” I thought Before knowing I was there Or where I belonged In between What should have been.

Take On

Take on me Troubles and gains Take on tomorrow Victories and pains Take on now Moments and truth Take on innocence Naivety of youth Take on yesterday Lessons from past Take on the future Something to last Take on now Like you have never done Take on the moment Like you’ve already won

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