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Freedom, America takes for granted
So clear now that it’s yesterday-
Never before so fragile
Reality creating dismay.

And you are nothing
When life makes you a chore-
And what is called compassion
Is an attempt to control open doors.

So control it back
By the power within you…
For no virus can attack
A heart filled and true…

And it will be tomorrow
Once yesterday is done
And you’ll awaken different
When the battle is finally won!

Liberty is flexible
When other worlds control your play-
Adapt to the moment
To make tomorrow the better day.

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Heart’s Prayer

Your grace and love

Are needed today

For in your care

Is the only way.

We need some strength

And little peace

To clear the way

For fear’s release.

He is in your hands

As you guide theirs

Prepare the doctors

And the gifts they share.

Thank you, Lord

For hearing our prayers

Please heal his heart

And end our scare.

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Live and Learn

You Can Prevent Alzheimers

Learning extra things
Can help you remember one
Learning fewer things
Can lead to losing a ton.
Exploring with your senses
Builds stronger ties to defend
Taking the time to live
Gives the brain a crutch to depend.
There is no surety of tomorrow
Or remembering yesterday
But what you came to feel
Is yours to keep always.
It never hurts to try
But always hurts to give up
Give your brain a shot
It’s foolish to only depend on luck.

Inspired by Lisa Genova’s April 2017 #TedTalk. Take the 12 minutes and hear her out. I am happy I did.