I see the story

And know the trends

What is worshipped

And has no end.

And there is now

Like the ocean floor

What you thought

And where you soar…

And like a partner

Not just a friend-

And the beginning

With no real end…

I’ll be there

And beyond that too-

For it’s simply me

Inside of you.

A Moment

Numb and present

A glorious gift

Beyond wolves and prey

But a needed lift…

Yes to reality

But only to pretend-

Learning from this

Faith and sin…

Understanding the moment

While forgiving the past…

Honest for a moment-

Or seconds that last.

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I am merely a whisper
Within the scream
A hopeful wonder…
Or pleasant dream.
I am the thought
Within the action…
Hearing the voice
When losing traction.
I am the love
Inside the hate. . .
Or the narrator
Within your fate.
I am the control
In letting go…
Building assumptions
Inside the know.
I am everything
When nothing is there…
I am always here
You just have to care.
I am the power
When you’re hardest hit…
Take the break. . .
You just can’t quit.

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Open Heart

New Start Eve

A mess on the path
Mine to clean
Scrub and sweep
Are my means

Every move
Countless minutes
More shambles
No way to clean it

On my knees
Scream and cry
No progress for work
Or understanding why.

Seeking answers
With praying demands
To which He answered
You must clean your hands.

With palms and fingers clean
The mess was too
Appreciate the problem
And the answer inside you.

Seek the guidance
Recognize your part
He will give you the answer
When you open your heart.

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Someone unknown
While having a name . . .
Walking the mile
Assigning guilt and shame.
Performing a role
Without knowing how it’s done –
Challenging the winner
Before the game is won.
Defending a stranger
Offering means to succeed…
Not knowing the problem
But fulfilling the need.
Hearing a voice
Sensing a presence near
Required absence
Understanding clear.

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Hope and Prayer

I sip my coffee

And prepare my mind

Hoping to make the right changes

For the interview  this time.

Three months unemployed 

Has taken its toll on the account 

Loving the extra time

Not the bills starting to mount.

A humbling process. . .

Different from years passed

Always having a job 

Expectations often surpassed.

Hands are now folded

My head slightly down

May this be the prayer answered

And employment be bound.

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Old Man

Old man

Running another run

One life over

Another has begun.

Those who morn

Must only keep open eyes

As he comes and goes with the wind

Carefully roaming in stormy skies.

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Silent steps

Along a road with stops.

Noises vary 

Heart in knots.

No plan before

A blueprint now…

Where you were

And finding how.

Two steps back

Stop the pace-

Find the forward

Accept the race.

Sunset an ending

On a path just beginning 

You were waiting 

With hopeful grinning.

Just a step

But a power for more…

You heard my prayer

And opened a door.

On to hope

The gift of peace

Time a friend

To trial’s release.