Too Long

Original image by JusTee In a minute guessedIs also wornOften wastedLike the norm… While feathers tossSmiles only grinTo admit a knowledgeTruth the sin… An hour nowAs seconds gainLike the wormIn sunburned shame… Accept the lossLike the hour beforeIgnore the knockAnd close the door… And just like thatA year is goneHope is walkingAfter waiting too long.

I see the story And know the trends What is worshipped And has no end. And there is now Like the ocean floor What you thought And where you soar... And like a partner Not just a friend- And the beginning With no real end... I’ll be there And beyond that too- For it’s simply... Continue Reading →

Numb and present A glorious gift Beyond wolves and prey But a needed lift... Yes to reality But only to pretend- Learning from this Faith and sin... Understanding the moment While forgiving the past... Honest for a moment- Or seconds that last.


I am merely a whisper Within the scream A hopeful wonder... Or pleasant dream. I am the thought Within the action... Hearing the voice When losing traction. I am the love Inside the hate. . . Or the narrator Within your fate. I am the control In letting go... Building assumptions Inside the know. I... Continue Reading →

Open Heart

A mess on the path Mine to clean Scrub and sweep Are my means Every move Countless minutes More shambles No way to clean it On my knees Scream and cry No progress for work Or understanding why. Seeking answers With praying demands To which He answered You must clean your hands. With palms and... Continue Reading →


Someone unknown While having a name . . . Walking the mile Assigning guilt and shame. Performing a role Without knowing how it's done - Challenging the winner Before the game is won. Defending a stranger Offering means to succeed… Not knowing the problem But fulfilling the need. Hearing a voice Sensing a presence near... Continue Reading →

Hope and Prayer

I sip my coffee And prepare my mind Hoping to make the right changes For the interview  this time. Three months unemployed  Has taken its toll on the account  Loving the extra time Not the bills starting to mount. A humbling process. . . Different from years passed Always having a job  Expectations often surpassed.... Continue Reading →

Old Man

Old man Running another run One life over Another has begun. Those who morn Must only keep open eyes As he comes and goes with the wind Carefully roaming in stormy skies.


Silent steps Along a road with stops. Noises vary  Heart in knots. No plan before A blueprint now... Where you were And finding how. Two steps back Stop the pace- Find the forward Accept the race. Sunset an ending On a path just beginning  You were waiting  With hopeful grinning. Just a step But a... Continue Reading →

Dear John

  Dear John If that was your name… A burning desire… Will never be the same. No hiding the truth Or manipulating lies… Just the need to grieve From deep in my thighs. In-love with the memory- Burned by reality- And for a moment no hope- For something to save me. I was good at... Continue Reading →

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