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Open Heart

New Start Eve

A mess on the path
Mine to clean
Scrub and sweep
Are my means

Every move
Countless minutes
More shambles
No way to clean it

On my knees
Scream and cry
No progress for work
Or understanding why.

Seeking answers
With praying demands
To which He answered
You must clean your hands.

With palms and fingers clean
The mess was too
Appreciate the problem
And the answer inside you.

Seek the guidance
Recognize your part
He will give you the answer
When you open your heart.



Someone unknown
While having a name . . .
Walking the mile
Assigning guilt and shame.
Performing a role
Without knowing how it’s done –
Challenging the winner
Before the game is won.
Defending a stranger
Offering means to succeed…
Not knowing the problem
But fulfilling the need.
Hearing a voice
Sensing a presence near
Required absence
Understanding clear.

Hope and Prayer

I sip my coffee

And prepare my mind

Hoping to make the right changes

For the interview  this time.

Three months unemployed 

Has taken its toll on the account 

Loving the extra time

Not the bills starting to mount.

A humbling process. . .

Different from years passed

Always having a job 

Expectations often surpassed.

Hands are now folded

My head slightly down

May this be the prayer answered

And employment be bound.


Silent steps

Along a road with stops.

Noises vary 

Heart in knots.

No plan before

A blueprint now…

Where you were

And finding how.

Two steps back

Stop the pace-

Find the forward

Accept the race.

Sunset an ending

On a path just beginning 

You were waiting 

With hopeful grinning.

Just a step

But a power for more…

You heard my prayer

And opened a door.

On to hope

The gift of peace

Time a friend

To trial’s release.

Dear John


desireDear John
If that was your name…
A burning desire…
Will never be the same.
No hiding the truth
Or manipulating lies…
Just the need to grieve
From deep in my thighs.
In-love with the memory-
Burned by reality-
And for a moment no hope-
For something to save me.
I was good at letting go-
Before this fantasy with you-
And in this silence…
You felt the same way too.
The need to want-
Without wanting to need…
Was a moment to have-
For such personal greed.

Office Visit


Wanting it here
While begging you gone…
Seeking the illusion of forever-
Absence felt by dawn.

Scattered memories fight
Where sanity once lived-
Becoming only a skeleton…
What more is there to give?

Chaos strives within
Silence a coveted fantasy…
Anxiety the common feeling-
A future lacking any strategy.

Left only to come to an office
Sitting in the chosen chair…
Asking strangers to calm my mind-
To prove lucidity and balance are there.

Fading Sanity


A faded memory now
As she lives in my dreams
But she is still alive and well
And even had a night saving me.
An angelic form she has
Where the promising spirit lives
Filled with hope and love
More life to me she had to give.
Alone in the gutter
Where all my promise was left to sit
I’m sure she was real-
For I lack the talent to have imagined it.

The Messenger


Messenger of the unknown-
Because it is known-
Just not by our time or place.

Seen and heard-
By the blind and deaf-
Moments to embrace.

A solid purpose defined-
Rules not to be broken…
To all the living things.

Both light and dark-
Beautiful and plain-
Sights with or without wings.

Stories told and untold-
Beliefs are challenged…
The work is never over.

To the living and dying-
Challenged and the free-
Often open to exposure.

No rhyme or reason-
To those who see…
The Angel by their side.

But she was there-
Superior to me…
Until the last tear was cried.