The soil turns and dies As old finds new life Through worm’s work and time Or happiness and strife.

Numb and present A glorious gift Beyond wolves and prey But a needed lift... Yes to reality But only to pretend- Learning from this Faith and sin... Understanding the moment While forgiving the past... Honest for a moment- Or seconds that last.

Left Behind 

Left behind  By changes not asked for... Bleeding resentment  Nailing the doors. Finding the key Through a strangers hands... Gone is direction Needed are friends. The walls close in The sky starts to fall... Waking up learning  While knowing nothing at all.

A Little Slow

When I went to Petco last Friday I was thankful I didn’t have the money for a turtle. It’s not that a turtle is expensive, but setting up their habitat is, and I knew that was money I didn’t need to spend. BUT – I liked a turtle in the store. It followed me everywhere... Continue Reading →


  Sudden panic The loss of reality- Without a new one. Head Spinning. Chest pounding. I don’t feel well… But I can’t tell you why. The need to RUN Nowhere to hide. Make it stop- As breath and time can only do. Back to sanity- And reality too.


Perfection is temporary- And a lie that lasts… Tomorrow should be your goal- Possibilities will be vast.   Not knowing what you had- Makes no difference to you now.. So go with what you knew- Avoid having a cow.   Hate is a blinding emotion- Love has that reputation too… Don’t use the ignorance of... Continue Reading →

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