Summer Gladness

As the bees buzz

And snakes crawl

Dragging summer

Grass stands tall…

Crickets sing

When birds lay sleep

Within the season

The soul does keep-

For life lives

In all living things

So many verses

Beyond the strings…

Inches from slumber-

Or living again

Live the now

Before the Then.

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Time honored distance
Just as night appears
Howling may be absent
No less present the fears.
Skin holds wincing
Eyes show the shutter
Lonely’s cold hands
Find heart’s panicked flutter.
For pace is but a sprint
Running Life’s pace
Mist by the shadows
Lighted by the waste.

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Take On

Take on me
Troubles and gains
Take on tomorrow
Victories and pains
Take on now
Moments and truth
Take on innocence
Naivety of youth
Take on yesterday
Lessons from past
Take on the future
Something to last
Take on now
Like you have never done
Take on the moment
Like you’ve already won

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IMG_3006 (2) new

My name is Lily
And I bring good news…
Playing outside-
Is really good for you.

Outside is where you master skills
Like how to run, leap and jump!
You will burn more calories…
And be less of a frump.

You can invent your own games-
Beyond those on your TV and phone…
You’ll have real relationships-
And strengthen your bones!

Nature has amazing sights and sounds-
Creatures and critters too!
The smell is better than your room-
And each day brings something new.

You will have memories that last forever-
Which is something you won’t get from the computer or TV.
Someday you will have less time…
So I hope you will listen to me.

Graphics may be life like-
But the outdoors’ bring something real…
So take a break and join me-
It will improve how you feel.