The Line

Image created with Nightsky and Pixlr To mournBefore a death-Is met with forgivenessAnd a debt… For no sorrowCould be planned-Like betrayingWith Hatred’s hand… And still it wasA sight before-Like the RavenThis was never-more. My heart hurtsBut my eyes are dry-Because of storiesBuilt by lies. While this loveWill forever live-I have nothing elseTo you to give.... Continue Reading →

Original image by JusTee No pathOr stoneReally knowsThe unknown No riverOr streamKnows the skyOr dream No lifeOr deathLives in secretOr breath No oneCould believeReplacing YouOr Me But so it isAnd He seesBeyond todayAnd me.


Soft whispers dance As though ears hear Or understand A place They tempt the earth Clearing the heart. . . To remind of life And cheers No empty dance on the floor Or childless playground Could exist Inside these whispers. Image by JusTee


Only a fool Would miss the day Only a fool Would dismiss me this way... Only love Would keep me here Only love Would pass the fear Only you Would miss what is Only you Would leave it like this.

So Simple

Such spirit Whispering through the skies So Simple The connection between you and I So lost When I try to lead my own way Now focused In the presence to find a way More strong In an environment to make you weak Heartbroken Before the guidance we all seek. Consistent As history has always been... Continue Reading →


I was everything Then nothing All at once. I was wanted And rejected Within a matter of months. I was over Once started Wet forced dry… You came Then you left A relationship high. Without light No home Lost a path to take. The moon A savior Guiding heart to break.

Wounded Warrior 

The toll takes its silence Solid base cracks Meaning spread with wind chimes  A Breeze loses will. Victory chased Losses seem covered As the storm shelters pass The wounded hero.


Someone unknown While having a name . . . Walking the mile Assigning guilt and shame. Performing a role Without knowing how it's done - Challenging the winner Before the game is won. Defending a stranger Offering means to succeed… Not knowing the problem But fulfilling the need. Hearing a voice Sensing a presence near... Continue Reading →

Dear John

  Dear John If that was your name… A burning desire… Will never be the same. No hiding the truth Or manipulating lies… Just the need to grieve From deep in my thighs. In-love with the memory- Burned by reality- And for a moment no hope- For something to save me. I was good at... Continue Reading →

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