Time Kills

For each year counting

Is another to waste

Time quickens

At success to pace…

And we are not here

Or even gone

Just finding a path

Of everything wrong…

Not out of perfection

Or even guilt

Just moving on

While the earth does tilt…

And all things move

Even while standing still-

Too late to notice

Only time does kill.

Only God

Skies rumble

Listening to their talk

Believing in the voice

Of temper and life

Spring and summer

They warn

And test the living

Bring back the dead

With a power

Only God would know.

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Hail No!!

Oh hail no

What did you say?

How dare you try…

All will pay.

Windshields will crack

Roofs wills dent

Insurance is taxed

Money is spent.

Never deny

Or ignore my power

As more than rain

Will fall in this shower.

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Nature’s America 

Storms rage
Is it Heaven or Hell?
Satan’s game
Or warming tell?
We fight to know
And believe in kind
Like so many others
Who wish to rewind.
The answers are hidden
In Present’s past
We can pretend for now
But nothing lasts.
Heed the warnings
Spare the truth
Protect what’s important
Future fruits.
For in the darkness
There comes a light
And even then
Waits Future’s fight.

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Old Man

Old man

Running another run

One life over

Another has begun.

Those who morn

Must only keep open eyes

As he comes and goes with the wind

Carefully roaming in stormy skies.

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Storms’s End


After storm

The storm passed
with remnants of wonder.
Nothing to fear-
Lots to ponder.
Beyond this sky
Is a worse fate…
May they all go inside
To safely wait.
The wonder of mother-
The unknowing of nature-
To warn us all
And challenge the maker.
No sense of justice
Or making things right…
But a beautiful ending
As the storm passed tonight.

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Nature’s Washing

Gravity’s invention for life-
Pushing liquid droplets to the ground-
Feeding multiple needs…
While cleaning the air;
And should you try hard enough-
It can wash away despair.
Rain’s influence-
More insistent than the mind-
With innocence too.
Virga may steel success…
Just as thoughts hijack plans-
Luckily virga is more temporary.
Thank you umbrella-
For allowing me to stay outside…
Everything is cleaner this way.