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Leaving It All Behind 

Now that your gone

I guess I expected more 

Tears or anger?

When I walked out the door.

I knew it was over

And the years were gone…

No amount of right 

Would reverse many wrongs.

So now to start over

Even if steps are new…

As long as there is hope

Making it to tomorrow will do.

So here springs eternal 

No need to settle for less…

Maybe I’ll find that easy button?

Instead of my luck to press.

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A stranger

In walls once like a home…

Colors have changed

People too.

Barely a resemblance 

Or a nod of know-

Just life moving forward 

While being the last to let go.

Friendly smiles…

As stress wears thin-

And after so many years

Where does New begin?

While the past grows dark

A future shines bright-

And the few must find the difference 

To wrong making it right.