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Leaves and Life


Light from Darkness
Places to go
Develop and prosper
From seeds to grow.
Clouds and rain
Then warmth of the sun
So much progress
As life has begun.
Now to wander warily
As daylight loses time;
Losing the power
In this season of mine.
No death or life
But a time to sleep…
As I shed the layers
That are struggled to keep.
Life is never over-
But changes take place..
Daylight becomes more
Larger life sets the pace.

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Happy New Year

Hello 2017

It’s great to meet you!

I know your past

I think you know mine too.

So let’s start fresh

As our relationship begins…

And in 365 days

We will still be friends.

I don’t expect miracles

Just an option or three

And I promise success 

If you work with me.

So here is day one

Let improve to day two…

As with this year…

We start a new.