Original By JusTee Knock them downCreate a diversionMake so much noiseTo void the occasion Pretend to careAbout opportunity and growthWhile breaking the willAnd what matters most Like a buzzardPursuing live prayLay waste to the deathAnd successful days Swarm the successLike it’s really omissionPoint four fingersSo lost is comprehension So many times a successTo the office … Continue reading Jealousy

Almost Knowing

A shadow  Where light once was A dream Even if reality. A few steps Mist in the clouds... Bluebirds fly Before the swelling sore. The break  Where glue held tight Loosen grips Of the devil and angel. So wait  Before the scale gives an answer And believe Once was over and never done.


A depth without knowledge  Strength without muscle Stopping all Pushing everything. Consequence silenced Gains imagined  Built and structured Without conscience plan. Believed reality  While imaginary Structured always Architect of the mind.