Original By JusTee Knock them downCreate a diversionMake so much noiseTo void the occasion Pretend to careAbout opportunity and growthWhile breaking the willAnd what matters most Like a buzzardPursuing live prayLay waste to the deathAnd successful days Swarm the successLike it’s really omissionPoint four fingersSo lost is comprehension So many times a successTo the office... Continue Reading →

For each year counting Is another to waste Time quickens At success to pace... And we are not here Or even gone Just finding a path Of everything wrong... Not out of perfection Or even guilt Just moving on While the earth does tilt... And all things move Even while standing still- Too late to... Continue Reading →

Missing Answers

How many fails Make a failure? How many wins Make a winner? How many punches Are a knockout? How many compliments  Are true? My friend in misery  Has many questions. Beyond the grave Bares the honest answers. So arguments keep dancing As only they have their day.

Almost Knowing

A shadow  Where light once was A dream Even if reality. A few steps Mist in the clouds... Bluebirds fly Before the swelling sore. The break  Where glue held tight Loosen grips Of the devil and angel. So wait  Before the scale gives an answer And believe Once was over and never done.


For there are times The brain falters Wisdom is lost Even when working. In Satan's massacre Or muted cells ... Angels missing Hallows lurking Oh the truth will out I suppose - Even in the haunting where it dwells.


A depth without knowledge  Strength without muscle Stopping all Pushing everything. Consequence silenced Gains imagined  Built and structured Without conscience plan. Believed reality  While imaginary Structured always Architect of the mind.


Useless thoughts take the day Mind and spirit too Sacred silence now taxing Worry making fears true. No finger pointing But blame the same... No justice in the outcome  The winner of the game. No hindsight needed As all was seen and ahead... But ignorance in nothing Line the dreams of my bed. Drowning in... Continue Reading →

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