Time Kills

For each year counting

Is another to waste

Time quickens

At success to pace…

And we are not here

Or even gone

Just finding a path

Of everything wrong…

Not out of perfection

Or even guilt

Just moving on

While the earth does tilt…

And all things move

Even while standing still-

Too late to notice

Only time does kill.

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Missing Answers

How many fails

Make a failure?

How many wins

Make a winner?

How many punches

Are a knockout?

How many compliments 

Are true?

My friend in misery 

Has many questions.

Beyond the grave

Bares the honest answers.

So arguments keep dancing

As only they have their day.

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Almost Knowing

A shadow 

Where light once was

A dream

Even if reality.

A few steps

Mist in the clouds…

Bluebirds fly

Before the swelling sore.

The break 

Where glue held tight

Loosen grips

Of the devil and angel.

So wait 

Before the scale gives an answer

And believe

Once was over and never done.

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A depth without knowledge 

Strength without muscle

Stopping all

Pushing everything.

Consequence silenced

Gains imagined 

Built and structured

Without conscience plan.

Believed reality 

While imaginary

Structured always

Architect of the mind.

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Useless thoughts take the day

Mind and spirit too

Sacred silence now taxing

Worry making fears true.

No finger pointing

But blame the same…

No justice in the outcome 

The winner of the game.

No hindsight needed

As all was seen and ahead…

But ignorance in nothing

Line the dreams of my bed.

Drowning in a puddle

Before walking on the sea…

Laughter in the distance 

And a fool out of me.