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Ideas were so much bigger before-
Along with wants after needs…
Possibilities were endless
Along with you and me.
Life wasn’t stoppable
Even with roadblocks in the way…
You just had to keep moving
No matter what others would say.
And drive kept the engine moving
Along with truth and grit…
But when time wasn’t enough
You simply pushed harder a bit.
Pain was everyday
But so was loving you…
And finally finding a place-
Brought peace inside us too.
Suddenly life was moving
Like the storms of a Spring day…
Somehow something was lost
No matter what I tried to say.
And knowing what to want
Seemed like a fairy of the past…
Color was disappearing
With drowning darkness too fast.
And then to find the blame
When you have equal share…
Makes finding answers miserable…
Along with ones who care.
Knowing you were right
Never abolishes you were wrong…
Moving simply stops…
Each hour way too long.
Suddenly feeling old-
While age makes you young…
With life stealing the stage
From all motivation and fun.
It was all so simple once…
Knowing what to want-
Now it’s like Bloody Mary..
With the mirror left to taunt.
Losing you is hard-
But so is losing me…
How did we become lonely together?
We were simply too blind to see.

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I loved you once
From a distance
A memory
My wish

I loved you once
As an idea
My thought
A kiss

I loved you once
Without question
Or logic
My sense

I loved you once
Before knowing
Our likes
My head

I loved you once
For reasons
Beyond me
I forget

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Human Connection

I want to talk

And ignore you too

I want to agree

But still I stew.

I want to imagine

Just to forget

Know the moment

Acknowledge the threat.

I want to change

What I think I see…

I continue to fight

In the hopes to agree.

I want to stop

Before I go…

It’s in the curse…

I just need you to know.

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Breaking Needs

I just need a break

For you to listen

For you to care…

I need to be heard

And be loved

To know you are there.

I need to return

What I ask

Is that possible for me???

Oh dear life

Refrain the martyr

Only beg what you see.

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The Promise

The will of the land

With promise of time

Briefly possible

From the good and Devine.

Yet torcher is chosen

To sacrifice favor

Steal from the enemy

After friend and neighbor.

Kindness wins a destiny

Once promised and knew

Do not lay down hands

With work to toil through.

Hope beyond the mind

Live in the sane

Love friends and strangers

Forgive aches in your pains.

While trials are never ending

Promises are too

Fate gifted to hands

Work all between Him and You.

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Loneliness beyond comprehension
Whether here
Or there…
Your punishment to me
For existing without purpose
Or your pleasure.
The hatred in your eyes
And coldness in your heart
Takes time
Tearing me apart.
I hate you
Repeating this again
My punishment
For actions I’ll never understand.
Reasons for all
Even if you fail to find
Passion in feeling
Even if the worst kind.

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Missing Reason

Speaking has lost sound

As all is deaf.

The cage bares a lock

With a missing door.

Hope is now less

As sense locks in self.

The parade of monkeys march

As reason lay abandoned.

Inner peace fully neglected

Honesty too inconvenient.

Truth now a mystery 

And where the road leads from here.