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Take Me

Make love to me

Like you’ve waited years…

Release me

Like happy tears.

Break me

Then put me back right

Tell me

This is more than just one night.

Touch me

As though lust is love

Kiss me

Like I am all you think of.

Map this

So there is no end

Then stay

And start over again.

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Falling Again


Falling in love again
What a magical night.
So much love and lust
No room for a fight.
Fragile and strong-
Taking and having the time-
A little lingerie…
Lusting so much it’s a crime.
Skin to skin
The magic of touch-
I’ve had you many times…
But never wanted you so much.
Dirty and sexy-
Hot and sweet-
Our love growing quickly…
While the heart skips beats.
More wet then rain
Harder than steel…
As the passion explodes-
So much to feel.
Laying on top of you-
Breasts against chest…
Exchanging more kisses-
Before its time to rest.
Like aging fine wine..
Love and sex willing to explore-
Standing the test of time…
Loving you even more.