Colorado 3/14/21 You are so important-To the happiness in my life-That was until-My back felt the knife… The weight of it all-More than old bones can bare-And like a child I think-You are truly unfair. For the next 3 days -Our relationship must end-2-3 feet of snowMeans we’re no longer friends.

Colorado Blizzard

The snow it came With inches and wind And a dilapidated fence Met it’s end. The drifts were deep And windows were iced March’s winter Put up a fight. A blizzard by day And a mess in the dark Makes tomorrow’s options Scary to start... But Colorado is true To the reputation it has- 50s... Continue Reading →

Mindful Snow

Shhhhh Nature quiets all sound The still is working Unrest cannot be found. A few flakes Like a sheet atop grass Relish the moment Too quickly will it pass. No driving or walking Peaceful moment tonight... A mindful moment With the heart warmed right.

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