Time Kills

For each year counting

Is another to waste

Time quickens

At success to pace…

And we are not here

Or even gone

Just finding a path

Of everything wrong…

Not out of perfection

Or even guilt

Just moving on

While the earth does tilt…

And all things move

Even while standing still-

Too late to notice

Only time does kill.

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Story Teller


Good and bad-
In everything…
There are always consequences.
Why then-
Do we continue to be surprised-
When our words-
Even filled with good intentions…
Suffer too, a tragedy?
Learn from mistakes-
Hear what is good…
And then finish the story-
Just as any story teller should.

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If I lost the ability to speak
Would you hear what I had to say?
No matter how I communicated-
Would conversation find a way?
Are you interest in the story-
My lips wish to tell?
Would you be a character-
Even if you are the one who fell?
Is there a darkness-
And sought is the light?
Or is there an agreement?
After a long fought fight.
I have half the story-
And no pieces to the game-
If I ever choose to speak….
Lives will never be the same.

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Playing God

The story is mine-

The scene is set-

The protagonist knows-

What you’ll come to regret.

I own the right-

To make you do what you do-

So much that can’t be changed-

Because I own you!

Will you be happy or sad?

Will you live or die?

So many truths to discover-

In the pages that I write.

Words are my power-

And God is who I play.

Imagination is my gift-

As I control what you say.

So sit down and smile…

As I ready my paper and pen-

After all you don’t the story-

And you may never get the chance again.