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Soft scratches alert 

To hear you 

That you are there 

Until you aren’t 

And I wait 

As any caged prey would do

For a return

Or consequence 

Of proportions beyond me

Or anything 

Even the moth runs from the flame

While perched on the door 

Waiting for eternity 

Or just the day.

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Illusion’s Candor


Sounds of sandpaper rubbing-
Walking through drying fields
Drops escaping the puddle
As toes remember their feel.
Noises promise company-
Loneliness weighs on shoulders . . .
Walking up high for peace-
Leaves the body feeling colder.
Pieces fit into the puzzle-
Broken as eggshells on the floor . . .
Knowing something is different
Failing to prove the more.
Regard all hidden realities-
Ending fantasy’s game . . .
And while truth stands in sight-
The mind hides it just the same.

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No Good Deed


Callused by logic
Confined by youth
Ignorance for fun
Pain to soothe.
No lack of hope
Just wrong and right
Deaf to No
Up for a fight.
Alone with silence
A past staying awake…
Good deeds punished
While watching you break.