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Keeping Youth 

Walk into walls

To see if they fit

Finger in socket

Until the shocks quit.

Ring around the Rosie

Truck bed rides

Drinking from a hose

God is the guide.

Eat off the floor

Before the final second ends

Remember it all

Even when time isn’t a friend.

Betting On Time

Needing to scream

And through it have a plan.

Wanting to care

When no longer giving a damn.

Find the focus

And a reward is there to get.

Just be honest…

And keep the face from getting wet.

It needs to be okay-

Because so much will hurt being wrong.

As the fool bets on time-

When yesterday was already gone.

Stolen Moment


You don’t have to be my regret
I don’t want to silence your voice-
But the need for opportunity…
To give wants a voice.
No titles or lines
To divert or mislead…
Just the chance to explore-
And hearts to feed.
No love to cherish
But a heart to feel-
A relationship to adore-
And moments to steal.
I’m not yours
And you can’t be mine…
So let’s just steal a moment
Of each other’s time.


Nothing window

No hateful looks
Or apologetic words.
No example of happiness
Or sign of hurt
No acknowledgement of me
Or demanding of you-
No end to the end
Or beginning of new.
No rewind to push-
Or forward to leap.
No touch of a hand
Or grace of cheek.
No future to build
Or past to fix…
No heart to break
Or closing of lips.
No enemy to avoid
Or finding of friend..
No where to go-
My nothing again.