And Again

The storm taxed the land And people within Even while some We’re simply living again. Hail destroyed objects And spider webs too... Quickly it passed Once damage was through. But night does clear A path we can walk Careful the wolves As they begin their walk. Devils and demons Talk over Angel’s say... Hear their …

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Future Temptress 

It haunts me Telling jokes Playing games Little pokes Tap, tap, tap Always the same sound  Opportunity knocking  But can't be found. Windows are covered The door without a knob The noise is loud Between these sobs. Temptation is lurking  Don't let it come in The temptress offers  Fate stalls again 

State of Time

Pleasant sounds now have ominous tones Begging for the worst Painting the best. The artist is unknown  While work is displayed  Manipulated understanding. Young are born  Old still age Brevity highlighting it all. Muscles ache While wasting away So is the state of time.