Will to Fight

Yes loneliness a lonely hunter

And he’s calling me by name

Not out of hunger

But pity and shame…

And the call is familiar

Like that of a wading shore-

No will to look back

Or right for more…

With royal purple shouting

Amid inviting lights…

Only the storm moves on

With my will to fight.

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Sometimes you change

At just the wrong time

Everything held against you

Existing is a crime.

Sometimes you break

Along with everything in the room

Walls close in

Sealed to your doom.

Sometimes you stop

And life keeps rolling by…

Filled with hurt watching

But lost is your cry.

Sometimes you give up

Because you’re tired of being hit

Life knocks you down

It feels easier to quit.

Sometimes things are broken

Beyond tape and glue

The air fills of silence

Logic abandoned too.

Sometimes life sucks

And you have to make that okay…

No moment lasts forever

And we survive that way.

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Future Temptress 

It haunts me

Telling jokes
Playing games

Little pokes
Tap, tap, tap

Always the same sound 

Opportunity knocking 

But can’t be found.
Windows are covered

The door without a knob

The noise is loud

Between these sobs.
Temptation is lurking 

Don’t let it come in

The temptress offers 

Fate stalls again 

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Only a Fool

All in my head

A hellish road

No medicine that helps

Or relief of load.

Just time standing still

While passing too quick…

Reaching crossroads 

No direction to pick.

Flirt with sanity

Ignore the plea

Control is for the fool

What will be – will be.

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Peace is in the silence 

As night finishes it’s fall

Hope is in the distance 

And so is losing it all.

Steps in between 

Changing how everything fits

An answer is the temptress 

The devil urging to quit.

But then looking to the sky

Reminded just like before

You are the power

I have to find the door.

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An Ending

A storm was building-

Until the final day…

The fury was released

On everything in its way.

Trucks were stopped-

And buildings were turned…

No tools left to stop it-

And people were burned.

But the next day comes-

And rebuilding will start…

People will survive-

By unseen strength in their heart.

Don’t look back-

And take time to help a friend…

Together we can all-

Move forward again.

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Battle help

Sometimes in life we are so caught up in a storm
That we miss the blessing of it.
Waiting for life to be easy
When easy was never part of the plan.
Every storm brings life.
Every catastrophe brings inspiration.
And yet there are time periods…
Periods so many waste as though seconds didn’t matter.
Time waiting for things to be made right.
And while sitting around waiting –
Often missed is THE lesson.
Each storm has a fight.
But each battle has help.
And if you’re too busy raging against the storm –
You will miss what carried you –
And in missing it –
Regrets are born.