The theft in the nightMore wrong than rightSome people walkMore to sinIn a distanceAnd next of kinAnd we waitWhile many fallIn the mirrorOr down the hallAnd when we wakeFrom morning blissWe went from thenTo being this.

Remember When

Heavy now The head sways But thoughts escape Like sinner’s ways And laughter Like years before And the lyrics Melting the core And I was Just like then On a walk I can’t remember when


Oh Comfort... When did you become so bad? Oh Thrill... When did you become something to fear? Oh Youth... Why did I resent you so? Oh Age... Where did my moments go? Oh Memory... How did you get so close? Oh Time... Thank you for one more chance. Oh Brain... Don't you fail me yet.... Continue Reading →

You can only control YOU!

I consider myself an intelligent person, but there are times when I am a slow learner. I make a lot of mistakes when I am learning, but when I finally learn the lesson my blonde hair gets browner.The toughest life lesson for me was understanding addiction, addicts and how it all has nothing to do... Continue Reading →

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