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Illusion’s Candor


Sounds of sandpaper rubbing-
Walking through drying fields
Drops escaping the puddle
As toes remember their feel.
Noises promise company-
Loneliness weighs on shoulders . . .
Walking up high for peace-
Leaves the body feeling colder.
Pieces fit into the puzzle-
Broken as eggshells on the floor . . .
Knowing something is different
Failing to prove the more.
Regard all hidden realities-
Ending fantasy’s game . . .
And while truth stands in sight-
The mind hides it just the same.

Abandoned Self

Sanity’s laughter tempts reality

Like media bending the news…

The corpse of rebellion lives

Taking the right to choose.

Chaos builds like a hornet’s nest 

Swarming rational thought…

Ghosts rattle consciousness 

Sense simply forgot.

Darkness now a believer

Tempting pleasant dreams…

Persuaded by escape

Abandoned by the means.

A slave to a hunger 

And the need to run from it all. . .

Patty cake the melody

Delusion distracts the fall.


20/20 vision 

Blind nonetheless 

Reasoning a fantasy 

The problem a guess.

Left in the dark

While seeing light

Heavies the heart

Awakens the night.

Intelligence in theory

Rational in dreams 

Certainty escaping

Through foolish means.

Suddenly token clarity 

Too many years have passed…

Time the joker

The mind left harassed.

Line In The Sand


There is a shadow
Stealing all sun and light-
Darkness cowers the brave-
Ignites the fight.
When the shadow loses
It slinks angrily away-
Leaving alone in pain
Its often wounded prey.
No power to fight it-
Or anything that has been done…
Small victories are lost-
The darkness has won.
Then the light it blocks
Starts to fade on its own…
And the line in the sand is drawn
Both sides left alone.
Sanity is stolen
Like words never heard-
The silence takes over
Memories feel absurd.
A lightless fire burns-
After emotions are spent-
Limits are reached
Loneliness reaches content.
Anger is blinding-
From loneliness that it kills…
And a need to get up and fix it. . .
Loses all past will.

Office Visit


Wanting it here
While begging you gone…
Seeking the illusion of forever-
Absence felt by dawn.

Scattered memories fight
Where sanity once lived-
Becoming only a skeleton…
What more is there to give?

Chaos strives within
Silence a coveted fantasy…
Anxiety the common feeling-
A future lacking any strategy.

Left only to come to an office
Sitting in the chosen chair…
Asking strangers to calm my mind-
To prove lucidity and balance are there.

Just Crazy


The chaos is creating the lunatic. The silence is deadly.
Where is the peace?
Where is the wrong? Where is the right?
Ridiculous blurry vision.

Forgotten hours and wasted words-
Action’s damage with more to hurt.
No life. No comfort. Or hidden tense.
If only it would get better.

The feeling of failure-
And opportunities missed-
There is the tunnel’s light…
Please lower your fists.

Beat the drums and rattle your thoughts-
Tell me I am wrong
And all I forgot.
Age has taken knowledge with your eyes.

An endless fight that has its closing-
While the end is being written…
All in the madness of everything…
Sanity eclipsed by insanity’s plea.

Paying for failures and spreading the blame-
With torment being tossed.
No way to stop or change the direction…
Of all in danger of being lost.