Image by JusTee It’s like dustAnd our age,The sour smellBut benefits of sage…Or the healingWithin the spring-To only breakWith winter’s swing…It’s like the rageOf a perfect stormWhipping the pageAnd breaking the norm…It’s like marriageStrong and true-Only to breakBefore you knew…It’s like the screamAfter the cry-No matter the effort,Ours are or my…And it’s utteringYour greatest fearYes... Continue Reading →

NormalSuch a fragile stateNo fortune or promiseBut realizing what is too late…For it’s not to beWhile wasting away-It’s not gaining tomorrow,But losing today…What will life do?But sit back and watch…For it’s no matterWhen permanently lost. . .And what is new?Out of something old…Only what’s left-Minus what we are told.

Life Change

Fuzzy skies As brain cells bend In mortal change Or comfort’s end- Feel the loss But earn a win Escape the prison Of history’s sin… Pray a break Of second’s sleep And stolen moments Confusion weeps… Now to breathe And live again As intended Or anxiety lends… For not of purpose Just natural fate- Future-proof... Continue Reading →

I’ll take your crazy And raise you sane Block injustice And forward the blame... I’ll take the medicine And forward the will Play the life That’s planning to kill... And I’ll be sorry Or a little late All in the time Of planning fate... And when all is done And the tears are dry- Life... Continue Reading →

Meeting the dare Such a new treat Something so salty Now becomes sweet.. And when the roof breaks Beyond repair No construction to salvage Or truth that’s fair... Just what is And what used to be Like the apple Fallen from the tree.

Land mines disguised as flowers Lightning in the rainbow Salt in the rain... Worms in the sand Life in the rocks Smiles in all the pain... And stories told For one more night Before the truth appears in vain.

Blood boils so quick anymore.... Always a joke- Can nothing be serious? Or even answered? Taking care is for granted- Maybe that’s why I stopped for so long? Clearly not long enough- Like time ever would be.... Pain is numbing Until it hurts- Or you stop. Does it stop? Or do you just go- I... Continue Reading →

Pebbles and rocks Rivers and sand People and places Fantasy be damned... And over the edge Where fantasies live No hunger or suffering Just something to give.... And numb as it was Alive was inside Not for what was lost- But for what finally had died.


A moment after momentsUnraveling to start againAnother beginningBefore knowing the end A final tugTo fall apartNeatly balled upTo protect the heart And now the matterTo start it allDown the laneAnd up the wall. And when said and doneI’ll purr once moreHopefully a little betterThan those days before

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