Worth Seeing

I had this world Beautiful and pure Wonders everywhere Tough to ignore. Slowly fractures Impacted the lens And what was loved Turned past in tense. The fractures are mine Minutes are pure But sometimes breaks Are much to endure. Life is a shuffle Made into a race And granted before Leaves no room to replace. …

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We are born to know you Strengthen you Build you Control you. Opportunity always open Danger near Pills and chemicals to help Or consequently destroy. Chemistry often missed In the courting effort For power The architect of fantasy. Command slowly changed Despite promise Or time Forgotten rules. Yes I was to control You! But like …

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20/20 vision  Blind nonetheless  Reasoning a fantasy  The problem a guess. Left in the dark While seeing light Heavies the heart Awakens the night. Intelligence in theory Rational in dreams  Certainty escaping Through foolish means. Suddenly token clarity  Too many years have passed... Time the joker The mind left harassed.