Just Crazy


The chaos is creating the lunatic. The silence is deadly.
Where is the peace?
Where is the wrong? Where is the right?
Ridiculous blurry vision.

Forgotten hours and wasted words-
Action’s damage with more to hurt.
No life. No comfort. Or hidden tense.
If only it would get better.

The feeling of failure-
And opportunities missed-
There is the tunnel’s light…
Please lower your fists.

Beat the drums and rattle your thoughts-
Tell me I am wrong
And all I forgot.
Age has taken knowledge with your eyes.

An endless fight that has its closing-
While the end is being written…
All in the madness of everything…
Sanity eclipsed by insanity’s plea.

Paying for failures and spreading the blame-
With torment being tossed.
No way to stop or change the direction…
Of all in danger of being lost.

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