The chaos is creating the lunatic. The silence is deadly.
Where is the peace?
Where is the wrong? Where is the right?
Ridiculous blurry vision.

Forgotten hours and wasted words-
Action’s damage with more to hurt.
No life. No comfort. Or hidden tense.
If only it would get better.

The feeling of failure-
And opportunities missed-
There is the tunnel’s light…
Please lower your fists.

Beat the drums and rattle your thoughts-
Tell me I am wrong
And all I forgot.
Age has taken knowledge with your eyes.

An endless fight that has its closing-
While the end is being written…
All in the madness of everything…
Sanity eclipsed by insanity’s plea.

Paying for failures and spreading the blame-
With torment being tossed.
No way to stop or change the direction…
Of all in danger of being lost.