The Mind The pullEvery nerveMinute and hour-I drown in noiseAbsent silenceWith days and sounds…The collapseJust a bodyAnd design…Once keptNow soughtThe mind.

Begging for secondsOf minutes lostWithout a memoryBut balanced cost-And in the battleLose the warTo remember hopeOr what was before-11:11Has always beenWhen I say helloAnd feel again-Just that momentWhere peace is mineWhere I can sigh reliefOne last time.

Original Image Taken by JusTee Ashes to the ground Before tossed by wind Never what was But path made again… Life so tangled When destroyed but together Like the worn map Or lost buried treasure… Proof is beyond Noon or now Within the nuance Or a Will somehow… For in the loss Or changing scheme... Continue Reading →


Soft whispers dance As though ears hear Or understand A place They tempt the earth Clearing the heart. . . To remind of life And cheers No empty dance on the floor Or childless playground Could exist Inside these whispers. Image by JusTee

As the bees buzz And snakes crawl Dragging summer Grass stands tall... Crickets sing When birds lay sleep Within the season The soul does keep- For life lives In all living things So many verses Beyond the strings... Inches from slumber- Or living again Live the now Before the Then.

Small Blessings

Sometimes beautiful nights come after a really bad day - and such is life. I understand that without the bad days - I would appreciate good days less. But… the string of bad days has beat out the good ones too often lately. And yet… I know my blessings exceed my trials. I do! But... Continue Reading →

Rain from a dry storm Fall like bits of honesty And regret Like a bath... And you fill the beginning Or the end Of Remembrance And wrath

Numb and present A glorious gift Beyond wolves and prey But a needed lift... Yes to reality But only to pretend- Learning from this Faith and sin... Understanding the moment While forgiving the past... Honest for a moment- Or seconds that last.

It’s not knowing Or thinking Just hoping Or dreaming It’s not nothing Or everything Just stopping Or going... It's not believing Or seeing- It just is And breathtaking

The storm rolls Without fury or fight Just a spark in the darkness To light up the night... The crows are silent And the wind is still- The air hot But still a chill... And while the Heaven’s talk Hell is asleep But all storms find life In the silence we keep... For no secret... Continue Reading →

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