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Mindful Awakening 

I guess I should have told you

That your life was short

Even when days were running long.
I should have opened the mouth

And pulled your ears

To keep you from more wrong.
I should have voiced regret

And also concern

For the excuses being made.
I should have stopped the cycle 

And the fantasy

That if you wait you will be saved.
I hate to watch

As you sit unchanging

From all that has been done.
It’s time to stand up!

Declare its not over

And find there is more to be won.
I am not far

And close to your ear

When you care to listen in…
I’m not your conscience 

But I am your mind

Whenever you are ready again.


I am an educated adult female with Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Management. I am married with four children. I enjoy writing and drawing for a hobby and brain vacations. My dream is to publish a novel someday, but I am building on my short story and poetry crafts now.

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