So Simple

Such spirit Whispering through the skies So Simple The connection between you and I So lost When I try to lead my own way Now focused In the presence to find a way More strong In an environment to make you weak Heartbroken Before the guidance we all seek. Consistent As history has always been... Continue Reading →


Ever feel like you are being watched? Something knowing all you do? Suddenly relief knowing It was someone as precious as you!

Illusion’s Candor

Sounds of sandpaper rubbing- Walking through drying fields Drops escaping the puddle As toes remember their feel. Noises promise company- Loneliness weighs on shoulders . . . Walking up high for peace- Leaves the body feeling colder. Pieces fit into the puzzle- Broken as eggshells on the floor . . . Knowing something is different... Continue Reading →

Coming Home

Coming home Through fractured rays Quite the journey  Is the end of our days. But through the veil Life has only begun Precious steps After a mortal run.

Not Knowing Why

So often a need to understand  Is a puzzle that can't be solved Delusions hide a truth  Impatience hides resolve. Magic is an illusion  Much like reality in a group . . . All life faces death  The old once had youth. Moments are a consequence  To a past coming true . . . Blessing... Continue Reading →

A Little Peace

Many of Man When taking dying breath Understand the mistakes of past Time knows no mercy As the minutes dry Chances have reached their last. Clearing a life early Needless anger and pain Leaves open wounds still War of the heart Cloud of stubbornness Opportunity loses its will. No perfect players In any game No... Continue Reading →


An ancient melody When moments are spared Crickets and starlight A peace willingly shared. The invite appealing A dance to dream Surrounded by wonder And what it will mean. Thoughts abate Breath taken in Present in the moment  Until we do this again.


Silent steps Along a road with stops. Noises vary  Heart in knots. No plan before A blueprint now... Where you were And finding how. Two steps back Stop the pace- Find the forward Accept the race. Sunset an ending On a path just beginning  You were waiting  With hopeful grinning. Just a step But a... Continue Reading →


Anger Is no logic or reason. Love Is no logic or reason. Both Cause insanity BUT Only one wastes time. Why? Anger has a passion time can't control. Which- Will you choose to waste?

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