Begging for secondsOf minutes lostWithout a memoryBut balanced cost-And in the battleLose the warTo remember hopeOr what was before-11:11Has always beenWhen I say helloAnd feel again-Just that momentWhere peace is mineWhere I can sigh reliefOne last time.

To the song bird who singsNot for perfection or mutterings…Spreading love and so much moreLife, if noticed, is adored-A Presence so pure in devotionLeft for my heart and ear consumption…Thank you for teaching beyond your wingsThe appreciation for simpler things-For without reminders during strifeMore of us would lose in life…So I look as you lead... Continue Reading →

Small Blessings

Sometimes beautiful nights come after a really bad day - and such is life. I understand that without the bad days - I would appreciate good days less. But… the string of bad days has beat out the good ones too often lately. And yet… I know my blessings exceed my trials. I do! But... Continue Reading →

Talk me up Give me life Dull the blade Mend the strife.. Heal the burn Calm the rage Be the water- And clench the blaze... Be a rock Not the thorn Be the calm- Inside the storm... Feel the love Block the hate Be a partner- It’s not too late!


I sit on the roof The bustle is below Searching for answers Within what I know I remember the butterflies And birds in the trees I see the world And the world sees me A re-acquaintance Life and me enjoy- But finding purpose Is like a gnat to annoy. So then I listen Beyond the... Continue Reading →

Morning Moment

I lay here The only one awake... I sense peace See shadows Feel comfort. The silence is healing And my benefit... Just by taking this moment To notice it’s here.

Treasure in Skies

Richness is moments Various times and place To just experience His glory And repeated saving grace. Releasing control Or tracking fate Simply being Missing the wait. Oh the glories When you open your eyes No burden to bury The treasure in skies.

The Artist

Outside lives an artist Of work I admire Stopping tracks Beauty inspired... If time to take From daily wares Hope is watching Someone cares... Each day is available To learn beyond you Appreciate the gift Consumed by too few... Yes there is darkness After brilliant colors speak Listen to the lessons Strengthening the weak... Oh... Continue Reading →

Beginning to End

There was a heartbeat  Guiding steps along linen walls Almost a guide And a fault to the end. Whispers loud Machines comforted chaos To the grasp of life And perseverance of death. Until peace became music Misery’s parade done and over For one then But never for all. And then the years Like all other... Continue Reading →

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