Song Bird

To the song bird who sings
Not for perfection or mutterings…
Spreading love and so much more
Life, if noticed, is adored-
A Presence so pure in devotion
Left for my heart and ear consumption…
Thank you for teaching beyond your wings
The appreciation for simpler things-
For without reminders during strife
More of us would lose in life…
So I look as you lead the way
And carry the words I do pray-
Please play your song for me,
For in it I am truly free.

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Small Blessings

Sometimes beautiful nights come after a really bad day – and such is life.
I understand that without the bad days – I would appreciate good days less.
But… the string of bad days has beat out the good ones too often lately.
And yet…
I know my blessings exceed my trials.
I do!
But the trials keep increasing – and its drowning out the logical part of my brain.
But still I take the time to appreciate beauty from the divine, and I think…
Thank God I got to see one more night.
No wonder the moon is so bright.
May tomorrow have the light of this night tonight.


Talk me up

Give me life

Dull the blade

Mend the strife..

Heal the burn

Calm the rage

Be the water-

And clench the blaze…

Be a rock

Not the thorn

Be the calm-

Inside the storm…

Feel the love

Block the hate

Be a partner-

It’s not too late!

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I sit on the roof
The bustle is below
Searching for answers
Within what I know
I remember the butterflies
And birds in the trees
I see the world
And the world sees me
A re-acquaintance
Life and me enjoy-
But finding purpose
Is like a gnat to annoy.
So then I listen
Beyond the noise around
And suddenly a voice
In the distance is found.
Calm sets in
Like a breeze setting free-
And a tingling of hope
Lightens the heart within me.
Life can be so hard
When you only live in the noise…
Be within the break
And attach to the joy.

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Treasure in Skies

Richness is moments

Various times and place

To just experience His glory

And repeated saving grace.

Releasing control

Or tracking fate

Simply being

Missing the wait.

Oh the glories

When you open your eyes

No burden to bury

The treasure in skies.

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The Artist

The Artist

Outside lives an artist
Of work I admire
Stopping tracks
Beauty inspired…

If time to take
From daily wares
Hope is watching
Someone cares…

Each day is available
To learn beyond you
Appreciate the gift
Consumed by too few…

Yes there is darkness
After brilliant colors speak
Listen to the lessons
Strengthening the weak…

Oh and when you stand
With neck stretched toward the sky…
You’ll know more reason
When before only asking Why.