I took a few days off from work. It was forced really. Leadership made the announcement that we had to have our PTO time down to 40 hours or less by April 1st, and any time over 40 hours would be forfeited. Well, I am not giving anything back I have earned, so 220 hours have to be taken between now and then.

I had a good week. I just took it off. I didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t give myself any projects. I did some painting on a ceramic house, wrote my story for The Weekly Knob last week, and just relaxed. I cannot think of a time in my adult life I have done this, but my brain feels wonderful having the break.

Today is my last day off until the week of Thanksgiving. I am taking that week too. Tee Hee. Unfortunately I am feeling a little under the weather today. My sinuses are painful, but I hope my body fights off whatever is trying to attack me.

Sitting around at home I decided to put some nuts out in our tree planter outside. They were unsalted peanuts that needed to be used. Well… the picture is my bright spot of the day. Within minutes a mother squirrel was in the planter and eating the nuts. I know she was hungry because she was eating them all, and I didn’t see her bury anything for later. I know she is a mom because her nipples were all very swollen and protruding notably.

Watching her warmed my heart. It felt good to be part of something needed by an animal that was not mine to take care of. I do not think you should make a habit of feeding the wild, but anytime you can find a way to not waste food, I think feeding it to someone or something that needs it is smarter than nothing at all.

If you can – take a break! A real break! Not a trip that requires planning and stress. Not a new project that you didn’t have time to do before. I mean a real brain break. The only stressful thing I did was watch the Bronco game last night. What an ass kicking!! Anyway, my mind feels years younger! Until I go back to work tomorrow anyway.