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Be Thanksgiving

Image created by JusTee

To be thankful
Or often naught
Easy to ignore
What you’ve got…

Common place
Thought and action
Always a chase
Missed satisfaction…

One day a year
The norm should stop
A new look taken
Across a table top…

Just for the next day
The worst of people comes-
Massaging egos
To flipping off someone….

Thanksgiving often skipped
In minds and stores
The loss of appreciation
Or feeling more…

I am thankful
For family and friends
And being too poor
To only spend…

Thanksgiving is food
And heat in plenty
No need to impress
Or think of the enemy…

So here is to giving more thanks
And keeping more in our hearts
Even if missed before
Today is a good place to start.

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I am thankful
For all life does give
I’m thankful for family
To have a husband and kids

I’m thankful for my parents
Who taught me wrong from right
And even my brother
Who helped improve my strength and might

I am thankful for food
And the sacrifice in all things
I’m thankful for holy words
And in time, what they mean.

I’m thankful for a Father in Heaven
And his daily blessings to me
He knows what is best
Even if my eyes cannot see.

I am thankful for my animals
Both in Heaven and on earth
They make the world better
Their loyalty beyond worth.

I am thankful for my job
And the roof over my head…
Another day to live
And the gift of being fed.

I am thankful for this life
And all it lets me do…
I am thankful for the chances
And I am thankful for You.