I am thankful
For all life does give
I’m thankful for family
To have a husband and kids

I’m thankful for my parents
Who taught me wrong from right
And even my brother
Who helped improve my strength and might

I am thankful for food
And the sacrifice in all things
I’m thankful for holy words
And in time, what they mean.

I’m thankful for a Father in Heaven
And his daily blessings to me
He knows what is best
Even if my eyes cannot see.

I am thankful for my animals
Both in Heaven and on earth
They make the world better
Their loyalty beyond worth.

I am thankful for my job
And the roof over my head…
Another day to live
And the gift of being fed.

I am thankful for this life
And all it lets me do…
I am thankful for the chances
And I am thankful for You.