My 12 year old son has epilepsy. He was diagnosed with Petit Mal seizures (often referred to as absent seizures) in 3rd grade, but he had dramatically improved with medication since then. Everything changed yesterday around 2:00 p. My husband called me, because the school called him, to tell him to get to the school because Matthew had just experienced a Grand Mal seizure. Matthew never had such a serious seizure before and we were terrified.
My husband got to the school and Matthew was very weepy and out of it. When the paramedics told him he needed to go in the ambulance for the hospital he started crying harder. His dad carried and put him on the stretcher which helped calm him a little, and he was in and out during the ambulance ride.
I was 12 miles away from Matthew’s school, and 12 miles further away from the hospital, but I beat my husband and ambulance there. I drove 95 miles an hour on the interstate the entire way. Luckily there were no slow drivers to get in my way, and I suppose that is because God knew I was being dumb enough for everybody. He kept me calm and steady so that I would get there safely.
Matthew’s math teacher and school nurse called last night to check on him. It meant so much to us that they called at night, on their personal phones, to check on our son. The seizure happened in math class, and Matthew was sitting down, and in a desk that isn’t easy to get out of. His teacher said he fell hard and was surprised he didn’t break a cheek bone in the process. He said it sounded like a student had knocked a table over, and when he turned around he found my son convulsing on the floor. Both the teacher and students sprang into action and got the nurse and kept Matthew safe. Thank God for all of their quick thinking! I can only imagine how terrifying the situation was.
Matthew is doing okay today. The left side of his face and head are swollen and sore, but otherwise he is functioning normally it seems. He is at high risk for another episode for the next 3 weeks, and I pray that he is spared. It is no fun being a parent when your child is in danger or pain, and its even worse when you feel powerless to do anything.
Take the time to tell your kids you love them everyday! Days like yesterday are a strong reminder of how short our lives can be. God willing — we get more time.