Life was more difficult-
And they were less sane.
My hair was turning grey-
Lessons filling with pain.

No control or direction-
To knowingly give…
Lost in the role-
To be to the kids.

Noticing a flower bed-
Without much sense of thought…
Gave me a moment to think-
And a lesson it taught.

The flowers looked like a mess-
But they were beautiful too…
All were different,
But similar in view.

Nothing was perfect-
And nothing was wrong…
They just were what they were-
And together they were strong.

The lesson allowed the vision-
Of a future being okay…
And while they might not appreciate me now…
They will someday.

I don’t need to fix them-
Or even make them right…
Because if I look at everything
Beauty is still in sight.

So the stress will go-
And my courage will stay…
All because I took the break-
To see the flowers today.