Posted in Poetry

Happy Mother’s Day

Strong and focused

Knowing all things

As a child an enemy

Now part of my everything.

Laughing when you are okay

Nurturing when you’re not

Perfect in most everything 

Compared to what most others have got.

Taking care of most 

From your husband down to me

While we may not always show it

In our lives you are key.

A past that smiles

Through the good and bad

Today a treasure

And our appreciation often sad.

So thank you, Mom!

For giving us the best…

Though I know you won’t…

Take your deserved rest.

Happy Mother’s Day to you

But you deserve many years

May I learn your examples 

Through my own parenting pain and tears.


I am an educated adult female with Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Management. I am married with four children. I enjoy writing and drawing for a hobby and brain vacations. My dream is to publish a novel someday, but I am building on my short story and poetry crafts now.

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