I've lost my mind Or so I have been told Tends to come With getting old. But I feel alright Until my tongue gets out Then my eyes shift And I start to doubt. Oh I keep things straight Except the hairs on my head But they lay down Once I hit the bed. I'm …

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Politician definition by Merriam-Webster and ME

I found this interesting and it explains why politicians are so disappointing. Here is Webster’s definition: “A person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually shortsighted reasons.” I think our choices look more bleak with each debate. BUT now I know politicians are just doing their job. Sad! My definition is …

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Why do you come back? And annoy me like you do? I thought I was clear yesterday! Was it not enough for you? You cannot drive! Your head is up your ass! It is not my fault I went around you... But your stupidity increased my need to pass. If you are looking at your …

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The GOOD had its BAD

I have always acknowledged there is good and bad to everything. EVERYTHING! So I had to laugh when I noticed another example of that fact today.Colorado enjoyed a beautiful weather day today. February 10th was flattered with light breezes and a high of 65 degrees. The next 7 days will be as nice or nicer. …

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Push Ups for your Brain – My thoughts for the night

I am not getting any younger, but that doesn't mean my mind has to get old. I want my mind to stay young, and to do so I have to exercise my brain. I don't want to encourage dementia and Alzheimer diseases to be a part of my life in later years, and while science …

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