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I’ve lost my mind

Or so I have been told

Tends to come

With getting old.

But I feel alright

Until my tongue gets out

Then my eyes shift

And I start to doubt.

Oh I keep things straight

Except the hairs on my head

But they lay down

Once I hit the bed.

I’m not crazy

But I’m not sane

I’m just goofy 

With a walking cane.

Politician definition by Merriam-Webster and ME

I found this interesting and it explains why politicians are so disappointing. Here is Webster’s definition:
“A person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually shortsighted reasons.”

I think our choices look more bleak with each debate. BUT now I know politicians are just doing their job. Sad!

My definition is good too though:

A person who exhibits kindergarten-like behavior throughout their lifetime, a professional liar, and one who rarely gets things done beyond wearing a nice suit or dress.

To the future!


Why do you come back?
And annoy me like you do?
I thought I was clear yesterday!
Was it not enough for you?

You cannot drive!
Your head is up your ass!
It is not my fault I went around you…
But your stupidity increased my need to pass.

If you are looking at your phone-
You don’t belong behind the wheel-
And you flipping me off…
Well that was a BIG deal.

Is it your model of car?
That you mistake with special rights?
Of course today its a different car-
And you pissed me off at night.

Don’t start me on your parking…
As that is more special yet!!
What part of taking only one spot-
Does your small brain not seem to get?

How do you not notice
That everyone is going faster than you?
Out of 15 cars
I am the only one you viewed?

Get off the road!
You can text on the bus.
Put your finger away!
We both know you are a puss.

And I am sorry…
That you clearly have nowhere to be.
But I would like to get home
So stop driving like a granny!

Oh stupid driver
How I hate you every day.
I will help you buy the bus pass.
And that is all I have to say!

The GOOD had its BAD

I have always acknowledged there is good and bad to everything. EVERYTHING! So I had to laugh when I noticed another example of that fact today.
Colorado enjoyed a beautiful weather day today. February 10th was flattered with light breezes and a high of 65 degrees. The next 7 days will be as nice or nicer. The sky was a medium crystal blue with a few wispy clouds here and there. But all GOOD must have its BAD too, and today was no exception!
Queue ROAD KILL and SPEED TRAPS please. 

Otherwise – today was a good day! 

Push Ups for your Brain – My thoughts for the night

I am not getting any younger, but that doesn’t mean my mind has to get old. I want my mind to stay young, and to do so I have to exercise my brain. I don’t want to encourage dementia and Alzheimer diseases to be a part of my life in later years, and while science offers genetics may play a part in getting these diseases, so does not exercising your brain properly. How do you exercise your brain? Lots of ways, but I am going to offer a few options here – this as much for you as it is for me.

  1. Get off your smart phone at night and do word searches, Sudoku or cross word puzzles instead. These activities actively engage your brain and strengthen your mind.
  2. Read and write! I am not talking about writing and reading social media updates. I am talking about reading books and writing stories to keep your brain moving. Do one or both daily!
  3. Exercise! That right! Walking daily, lifting weights, and other activities build up your brain. A walk may be what your brain needs to write that story!!
  4. Take breaks from thinking too hard. As much as we need to engage our brain to stay young, the brain also needs a break from mental activity. I believe men have this talent covered more often than women.
Stress can also weaken the brain. Take time to laugh everyday! Laughter allows the soul and brain to grow and strengthen together!!