Why do you come back?
And annoy me like you do?
I thought I was clear yesterday!
Was it not enough for you?

You cannot drive!
Your head is up your ass!
It is not my fault I went around you…
But your stupidity increased my need to pass.

If you are looking at your phone-
You don’t belong behind the wheel-
And you flipping me off…
Well that was a BIG deal.

Is it your model of car?
That you mistake with special rights?
Of course today its a different car-
And you pissed me off at night.

Don’t start me on your parking…
As that is more special yet!!
What part of taking only one spot-
Does your small brain not seem to get?

How do you not notice
That everyone is going faster than you?
Out of 15 cars
I am the only one you viewed?

Get off the road!
You can text on the bus.
Put your finger away!
We both know you are a puss.

And I am sorry…
That you clearly have nowhere to be.
But I would like to get home
So stop driving like a granny!

Oh stupid driver
How I hate you every day.
I will help you buy the bus pass.
And that is all I have to say!