St Patrick

Oh the fortune of the Irish And ignorance of men Here is luck Back at it again The gold is there You just have to find The rainbow in hiding Or frog in kind Music for dancing Beer for fun Life’s a party When pinching is done. And green in something Beyond eggs and ham …

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Loving you Hating you Is the only life I know. Having company Being lonely Are within the seeds I sew Coffee whispers Wine lingers As life has its say And like tomorrow Repeats the now Reason finds its way

Pumpkin Snatchers

Halloween is a special holiday. It’s a day allowing kids, and even adults, to become anything they want for a night. Halloween is the only day that allows people to delve into the darkest part of their soul and display it on the outside. A day where people do not have to hide their sense …

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I was born a mess Kind of a klutz A little beyond simple… Feeling Fabulous. Lacked box to fill As I go punching holes Challenging my purpose Defining a role. Grasping for understanding How peculiar am I Searing the normal Trials to try. I am just me Neither wrong or right Just what is Strength …

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Morning Elixir

A drink for life A cup of daily thoughts Motivation dances Lessons are taught. No poison here As the emblem suggests Just caffeine and peace Spared moments I get. Slip slowly and purposefully Allow cells to dance And if you interrupt this time RUN! While you have barely a chance.



What? Something I said? Is it my teeth? Position of my head? Life is hard Being this damn good Waiting on you To be understood. So I'll wait patiently  And let you take a pic Then put my lip back Where my teeth let it stick.



I've lost my mind Or so I have been told Tends to come With getting old. But I feel alright Until my tongue gets out Then my eyes shift And I start to doubt. Oh I keep things straight Except the hairs on my head But they lay down Once I hit the bed. I'm …

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Old Man

Old man Running another run One life over Another has begun. Those who morn Must only keep open eyes As he comes and goes with the wind Carefully roaming in stormy skies.