I have found my personal mortality,
And much too young!!
How much more can I change??
I hear the clock ticking on my fun.

Why you ask?
Well because I cannot deny a physical fact.
I am going to die before I turn 40!
What do you think about that?

I don’t have a medical diagnosis-
And there are no threats on my life.
It is so much more serious-
The cause of my strife.

It was a simple little tickle-
Daily in the corner of my left eye-
And no matter how much I washed and looked-
I could not identify why.

Then it happened….
And the lighting was just right…
I couldn’t believe what I saw…
I saw it with my own sight!!!!

Right there in my eye lashes
Was one shorter hair
How on earth is this fair??

I plucked it away-
But you know more will come out.
I have such little time left!
This is vanity’s shout out!!