When I Die


I have thoughts about when I die…
There is something I want to see
You might be thinking Heaven-
But there is more curiosity inside of me.
Of course I want to go to Heaven!
When my time to leave earth comes…
But I also want to see the network-
That knows how to make life so much fun.
What am I talking about?
Surely you must know!!
There is no way it only happens to me
I can’t be the only puppet in this show.
I am talking about the network
That sends messages subliminally to our minds…
The ones that make us do things…
In just the nick of time.
You know when you sit bored for hours…
So you get up to do something new…
And the messages go out to people to change plans-
Frustrating the hell out of you!
Or when you were down two flights of stairs
Where you left your phone on the desk…
And just when you get upstairs…
It rings to give your running skills a check.
What about leaving work early?
Because all the work has been done….
But suddenly somebody needs something right now!
Stopping you from early fun.
I want to see the network!
It has to be run by a sarcastic group…
For they disturb you at just the right time…
Laughing while throwing your plans for a loop!

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